MPlayer 1.4 "SubCounter"

 ( tomio | 2019. április 21., vasárnap - 9:42 )

Megjelent az MPlayer 1.4! Changelog:

1.4: "SubCounter" April 18, 2019

Decoders, demuxers, streams:

  • More pixel formats are supported for VP9, RSCC, Screenpresso
  • pvr:// support for the Hauppauge HD PVR model 1212
  • Speed up detection of mpg format while streaming (limit probe to 4 MB)
  • demuxer: fall back to audio pts if all others are unavailable (#1928)
  • raw video: add support for < 8bpp RGB, support for paletted raw video, fix fliped raw video in non-avi containers
  • increase -lavdopts threads limit to 32
  • warn for badly interleaved files, and make -ni more aggressive
  • support GBR pixel formats for HEVC
  • FFmpeg audio decoders: g721, g732
  • FFmpeg video decoders: more Matrox mpeg2 formats (M702-3-4-5), Truemotion RT, Matrox Uncompressed SD/HD, BitJazz SheerVideo, YUY2 Lossless Codec Apple Pixlet, ScreenPressor, FM Screen Capture Codec
  • FFmpeg IFF video/image decoders: ANIM, ILBM, PBM, RGB8, RGBN


  • fix more issues reported by Coverity
  • expand error checking, and fix many memleaks
  • fix -subcp enca: with external ASS subtitles (#2281)
  • fix reading of bitmap fonts
  • fix -subdelay applied inverted
  • some fixes for video filter bmovl (#2304, #2308)
  • fix timing of first and last frame (#2315)


  • MPlayer can link against OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS for https support (Warning: the resulting binary can not be redistributed)
  • OSD: NV12/NV21 support
  • video output xv: NV12/NV21 support
  • video outputs for OSX: fix a few issues with newer OSX versions


  • No limitation on the number of entries in a font description file
  • Dramatic speedup of scanning font description files
  • Playback improvements for cue sheet playlists
  • Implementation of audio playback utilizing ReplayGain data
  • New symbol character 'g' and new dynamic label variable $g
  • Skins can leave current volume unchanged at startup
  • New configuration file: gui.gain
  • Modern new icons for the (default) menu, the file selector, the playlist and the message boxes
  • Rearrangement of some items of the (default) menu
  • Fix of broken evLoadAudioFile, evLoadSubtitle and evDropSubtitle
  • Skin support for 8-bit PNGs with palette

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