A Google Ideas bemutatja az uProxy-t

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tor google módra? Bizonyára nagy benne a bizalom a jelen környezetben... :)

Szóval mostantól a rossz fiúk nem, csak az NSA tudja lehallgatni, amit csinálsz?


Jajj. Jo reklam az egy ilyen security/privacy projectnek ha a Google moge all? :)

Az én olvasatomban:
- eddig ha üzemeltettem egy tor endpoint-ot, akkor vadidegen, általam ismeretlen emberek forgalmát tudtam elcsípni/manipulálni
- most ha üzemeltetek egy uProxy endpoint-ot, akkor az ismerőseim forgalmával tehetem ugyanezt.

Hát ez pazar ötlet, hogy erre milyen sokan vágytak már... :D

EG: I want to talk about Google. Because you’ve criticized Google extensively and also referred to it as an extension of US foreign policy and power. These are strong statements to make about a service that is used around the world. And for example in many Latin American countries, even the highest levels of government, have Gmail accounts. So can you elaborate a little bit on why you perceive Google as such a danger to our society and what are the alternatives?

JA: I wrote about that this year in my book ‘Cypherpunks’ and some recent articles reviewing the chairman of Google’s book ‘The New Digital Age’. In that book it’s very clear what is happening. Google is presenting itself to Washington as a geopolitical visionary who can show the US the way forward in Latin America, in Asia, in Europe and so on. And that’s quite a reactionary piece of work. With backcover praise chosen pre-publication by Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Tony Blair, [Michael] Hayden, the former head of the National Security Agency, the NSA. The primary acknowledgement is to Henry Kissinger.

So where’s that coming from? That is coming from Google that started out in California as part of grad student culture in Stanford University, pretty nice, naïve, wanting to build services that the world would use. But as Google got big it got close to government. As it tried to enter into foreign markets it became reliant on the State Department to the degree where the head of Google ideas is now immediately a former advisor of Hillary Clinton and Rice from the State Department.

This close nexus and interaction between Google and the State Department is something that we’ve documented on WikiLeaks in releases and also in cables - meetings between key State Department advisors and execs of Google. It wasn’t much of a surprise when we learnt that as far back as 2009 Google had paired up with the National Security Agency to enter into the PRISM program.

So we can see that Google is now part of Family America. It spends more money now on lobbying in Washington than Lockheed Martin. In the Google book it even states that what Lockheed Martin was to the 20th century, hi-tech companies will be to the 21st. It’s a really quite strong form of neo-imperialism. And I don’t want to use that phrase as some sort of hackneyed Marxist expression, but that’s what it’s about – jacking in the entire world into the US economic and informational system.


Viszont aki IT-s attól(*) én elvárnám hogy képes legyen gondolkodni és ne a "propaganda ellen propaganda" megoldással kelljen (lehessen) rá hatni. Ennek a fényében pedig az említett bebüfi kb. a blikk szintjét súrolja, de még nem döntöttem el, hogy alulról-e vagy sem.

*) Igazság szerint mindenkitől, de ez tudom hogy túlzás.