GhostBSD 19.09


Elérhető a GhostBSD 19.09-es kiadása. Főbb paraméterek:

  • GhostBSD 19.09 is built from TrueOS/FreeBSD 12.0-STABLE
  • OpenRC is updated to 0.41.2
  • GhostBSD now use TrueOS packages base from ports
  • NetworkMgr CPU usage got improved
  • A lot of unnecessary software got removed
  • Exaile got replaced with Rhythmbox
  • Gnome MPV got replaced by VLC
  • XFburn got replaced by Brasero
  • Vim got replaced by Tiny Vim
  • The Display Manager switched to Slick Greeter for our LightDM frontend
  • Vimix got update and improved for MATE, XFCE
  • amdgpu and radeonkms was added to xconfig options

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