GhostBSD 20.02


Megjelent a GhostBSD 20.02-es kiadása.

Változások a 20.1 óta:

  • Added feature to force upgrade all packages on a system upgrade with Update station

  • Improved Update Station update progress

  • Improved Update Station the tray icon behaviour

  • Added powerd by default to improve laptop battery performance

Ticket Completed

  • Bug #114: update-station does not fail update when pkg upgrade fails. 

  • Bug #115: Hostname definition 

  • Bug #135: Xconfig display Nvidia 390 when 440.31 is the one installed by default 

  • Feature #98: Adding custom ZFS partition to the installer partition editor 

  • Feature #133: Adding supports to force upgrade all packages on system upgrade for Update Station 

  • Feature #136: Telegram app should be installed on the desktop by default

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