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Haztartasi gepeket regisztralnek:

1. AEG (a doboxon levo lap szerint) -> redirect, ahol invalid cert fogad.

Az AEG hivatalos oldalan megtalaltuk a termegregisztraciot, siker.

2. Neff
Cim -> Asszony v. Ur
Hazszam (hosszu mezoben)
Utca + hazszam (rovid mezoben)
Jelszo (barmit beirva): "- a jelszó elsó három betűjének különbözőnek kell lennie"

Megjegyzem, a captcha helyettes megoldas egyedi, mashol nem lattam meg ilyet. Vajon mennyire hatekony?

3. Van meg Bosch, neki sem merek kezdeni:)

Pannon net

Telefonon megosztva epp pannont hasznalok mar kb. 1 hete.
Vannak oldalak, amik szarul jonnek be, de vannak, amikor tobbszor kell betolteni de tobbe-kevesbe rendben van.

Viszont a UPC oldalara konzekvensen gateway timeout:)
Ha belepek ssh-val egy gepre, ott mukodik links-szel nezve. Biztos veletlen.

LXD ppa -> snap

LXD PPAs to go away by end of year

We are deprecating all LXD PPAs at the end of 2017. Existing users should move to the LXD snap as the preferred way to get the latest LXD feature release on older Ubuntu releases. You can do so by first installing snapd on your system if it's not there already. Once snapd is installed, installing the LXD snap and migrating your existing data can be done with:


deb mirror:// xenial main restricted universe multiverse
deb mirror:// xenial-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb mirror:// xenial-security main restricted universe multiverse
deb mirror:// xenial-backports main restricted universe multiverse

Nekem uj, h igy is lehet.

LXD 2.16

New features:

Ceph RBD can now be used as a LXD storage backend (including "lxd init" support).
A new security.idmap.base key has been added to control what base uid/gid to use on the host when using security.idmap.isolated.
Image downloads can now be interrupted.
File transfers now support sending symlinks
"lxc copy" and "lxc move" will now show progress information
"lxc copy" and "lxc move" now support "relay" and "push" modes to go around firewalls and NAT (--mode option)
Custom storage volumes can now have their size set and modified
"lxc image import" now supports reading from a directory containing an unpacked image
The "vlan" property can now be set on "physical" network interfaces (was previously restricted to "macvlan")
It's now possible to delete image volumes from a storage pool. This allows removing a storage pool without having to remove the images from the image store.
The image metadata and template files can now be created or modified through the API prior to publish a container as an image.
Stateful snapshots can now be restored as a new container on a remote host.

ZFS v0.7.0

Resumable zfs send/receive - Allow an interrupted zfs receive to be resumed if the stream was prematurely terminated (e.g. due to remote system or network failure).

Compressed zfs send/receive - Use the zfs send -c option to directly send the compressed data in the ARC or on-disk to another pool without needing to decompress it.

Multiple Import Protection - Prevents a shared pool in a fail-over configuration from being imported on different hosts at the same time. When the multihost pool property is on, perform an activity check prior to importing the pool to verify it is not in use.