QCAD 2.0.0. kiadva!


Kiadták a QCAD 2.0.0-ás verziót!A program - külsőre - hasonlít az Autodesk-féle AutoCAD-hez ám a QCAD open-source! Ugyanúgy használhatóak benne parancsok mint az AutoCAD-ben, ráadásul a 2.0.0-ás stabil kiadás - köszönhetően, hogy újratervezték a felületet - külsőleg is hasonlít hozzá!

Azok számára, akiket érdekel a program megemlíteném, hogy a szoftver-kézikönyve letölthető MAGYARUL is! (Ez sajnos csak a régebbi kiadásokra vonatkozik!)

Támogatott platformok:

- Linux

- Alpha Linux

- Alpha Tru64

- Linux PPC

- FreeBSD

- Solaris

- Windows

- Mac OS X



Olvassatok mar egy kicsit figyelmesebben!


Will QCad ever be a 3D CAD system?

QCad was designed as a 2d CAD application. The third dimension is not just another feature of a 2d CAD system. It's an altogether different application. There are currently many users out there who use 2d CAD systems and this is not likely to change since for many applications 3d doesn't bring any advantages at all. If you're looking for 3d this is not the right place to look.


Is QCad Open Source Software?

There are two different licenses for QCad: QCad for Unix systems (X11) and Mac OS X is released under the GNU GPL license. QCad for Windows is proprietary software.

Why is the Windows version not Open Source?

It doesn't make sense currently to release the Windows version under GPL. Windows is not a platform where contributing code is a common thing and the manufacturer of Windows is even fighting an active war against the Open Source movement.

Why is QCad no longer available for free (gratis)?

It is. If you download the sources and compile them, there are no restrictions regarding the use of QCad other than the GPL.

Binaries are sold for the purpose of covering a part of the development, hosting, distribution and support costs. It's quite possible that you can find QCad binaries on the CD's of your Linux distribution. However, if you need the latest and greatest, you have to compile it yourself or buy the latest binary. By buying QCad you also support the development of an Open Source project that is quite unique in it's area.

How can I get access to QCad Professional packages?

There are several ways: You can buy a license or you can gain access by actively supporting QCad. This can mean developing code for it, contributing to the Part Library or translating the GUI or manual into another language. If you intend to contribute in either way, please let me know before you start working so I can coordinate the work.

What's the difference between the free QCad Community Edition and QCad Professional?

There is currently no technical difference. There might be commercial modules in QCad Professional in the future. The non-technical differences are:

- QCad Professional is also available for Windows.

- QCad Professional comes with limited e-mail support while the free version comes without any support.