NomadBSD 20221130


Megjelent FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p5 alapokon a NomadBSD 20221130-as kiadása. A NomadBSD egy FreeBSD alapú, 64 bites, perzisztens live rendszer USB-s flash meghajtók számára. Használható akár desktop rendszerként, vagy akár adatmentéshez, oktatáshoz, FreeBSD hardverkompatibilitás teszteléséhez stb. Változások a 20210508-as kiadás óta:

  • The base system has been changed to FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p5.
  • Except for i386, We now provide two images for each supported achitecture.
    One which uses ZFS and one which uses UFS for the root filesystem.
  • The file systems used on the UFS version are now created with soft updates
    journaling enabled to reduce file system repair problems after a crash.
  • The automatic graphics driver detection has been improved. Support for
    VIA/Openchrome has been added. For Nvidia graphics card not supported by one
    of the Nvidia drivers nv is now used.
  • For better support of non-latin keyboard input and switching between
    layouts, IBus is now used.
  • The rc script for loading acpi modules has been improved.
  • The display manager SLiM has been replaced by SDDM.
  • In order to reduce image sizes, libreOffice and some multimedia packages
    have been removed.
  • The kernel has been build with a patch that prevents some laptops from
    hanging when the hwpstate_intel driver is loaded.
  • Turkish localization and support for Opera and Microsoft Edge have been
    added to the Linux browser installer GUI.
  • An experimental nomadbsd-update tool has been added, which allows to update
    components of the NomadBSD system.