QEMU 2.1.0

 ( trey | 2014. augusztus 2., szombat - 18:35 )

A QEMU Team nevében Michael Roth tegnap bejelentette a QEMU 2.1.0-s verzióját. Benne 180 szerző több mint 2200 commitje található. Főbb változások:

  • Support for memory hotplug on x86 guests
  • Support for pinning memory on host NUMA nodes on x86 guests
  • Basic hot-plug/hot-unplug support for x86 guests using Q35 machine-type
  • Support for TCG-based system emulation on AArch64 (in addition KVM-based virtualization)
  • AArch64 SHA and Crypto instruction support.
  • Support for VFIO-based device passthrough on pSeries/PowerKVM guests
  • Migration support for virtio-ccw on s390x guests
  • Improved IOMMU emulation for SPARC guests
  • Full support for USB3 passthrough (including streams).
    vMulti-seat support for GTK+ and SDL 2.0 UIs, and lots of bug fixes.
  • Dedicated threading model for virtio-blk, virtio-blk dataplane, now supports almost all features of the block layer including: image formats, POSIX AIO, I/O throttling, statistics and error recovery
  • Fixes migration from QEMU 1.7 when certain bridge/CPU combinations are in use (see changelog for notes on migration incompatibilities between 2.0 and 2.1 for certain guest configuations), and new code/tools to detect migration issues
  • And lots more...

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