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The Economist: "China has become a scientific superpower"


Firstly, surprising that The Economist would publish this, given how much they've pushed the "China collapse" narrative over the years, and how negative they've always been about the country.


So what proves that China has now become the world's foremost scientific power?

Firstly, China has now overtaken both the US and entire EU in number of high-impact scientific papers produced each year, including in the Nature Index which is virtually impossible to game.


China's rise in that dimension was insanely fast: "In 2003 America produced 20 times more of these high-impact papers than China... By 2013 America produced about 4 times the number of top papers and, in the most recent release of data, which examines papers from 2022 China had surpassed both America and the entire European Union"


Looking at Chinese universities in terms of scientific research output, "there are now six Chinese universities or institutions in the world top ten [according to the Leiden Ranking], and seven according to the Nature Index"

Again, this was done in a single generation.


Looking by discipline, China leads 8 out of the 14 main scientific disciplines, including maths and physics.

In some disciplines like materials science, chemistry or engineering, it completely dominates the discipline with 70% to 80% of all high-impact papers published.


My personal take is that it's crystal clear that China is now the foremost scientific power in the world, and it's only the beginning.



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> China has become a scientific superpower

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