EU banned Kaspersky products

 ( toMpEr | 2018. június 14., csütörtök - 20:52 )

> In a section on public-private partnerships, the resolution calls on the EU to review software and IT systems in European institutions “in order to exclude potentially dangerous programmes and devices, and to ban the ones that have been confirmed as malicious, such as Kaspersky Lab.”
> The resolution was passed with 476 MEPs voting in favor, 151 MEPs voting against, and 36 abstaining.   
> In response to the EU parliament vote, Kaspersky Lab founder Eugene Kaspersky said it would stop cooperating with Europol until the resolution was withdrawn.
> “We have protected the EU for 20 years working with law enforcement leading to multiple arrests of CYBERCRIMINALS. Based upon today’s decision from the EU Parliament, we are forced to freeze our cooperation with orgs including @Europol & #NoMoreRansom," wrote Kaspersky.


Hozzászólás megjelenítési lehetőségek

A választott hozzászólás megjelenítési mód a „Beállítás” gombbal rögzíthető.

"ones that have been confirmed as malicious,"

Lemaradtam valamirol? Kartevot vagy backdoort talaltak a viruskeresojeben?


Azt hiszem megvan az igazi ok:
"there's a possibility that NSA hacking tools could have been picked up as malware by their Anti-malware scanner because antivirus products are designed to work in that way."

Egyebkent meglepoen jok a heurisztikak. Regen gimnaziumban irtam egy kis 2 kB-os minimal trojait (masm32-vel forditottam). Aztan evekig ott ult a merevlemezemen a binaris is, mig nem a viruskereso az egyik frissites utan bejelzett.