Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Beta 1 for Raspberry Pi


Az Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Beta 1 elérhető Raspberry Pi Model B 2, 3 and 3+ lapokhoz. Benne:

  • Ubuntu kernel, fully maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel and Security teams.
  • Automatic online filesystem expansion.
  • Ethernet & WiFi (where available)
  • Bluetooth (where available)
  • Audio out via 3.5mm analog audio jack or HDMI
  • Video out via Composite or HDMI
  • GPIO access via GPIO Zero, pigpio and WiringPi.
  • Support for Python Wheels for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Support for USB Booting.
  • Hardware acceleration:
    • fbturbo driver is pre-installed but limited to 2D accelerated window moving/scrolling on Raspberry Pi (using the BCM2835 DMA Controller).
    • VLC has hardware assisted video decoding.
    • ffmpeg has hardware assisted video decoding and encoding.
    • The experimental VC4 driver can be enabled via raspi-config.
    • Please note, the arm64 images do not feature any VideoCore IV hardware acceleration.
  • Additional software:

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