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The Tragedy of systemd

 ( neuron | 2019. október 5., szombat - 18:11 )

Egy FreeBSD-fejlesztő előadása.

Aki komolyan veszi a játékot

 ( neuron | 2018. szeptember 15., szombat - 14:01 )

"My nostalgia gaming setup

I wish I still had our family's old HP Pavilion 8160 (233MHz), but this will have to do as a substitute. At least I still have the very first PC I bought with my own money. (It's the Celeron 1.2GHz in the bottom-left corner of the frame.)

"Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?"

 ( neuron | 2018. június 7., csütörtök - 16:44 )

Walter Bright írta egymaga az első natív C++ fordítót.

"Excessive use of global state, poor encapsulation, leaky abstractions, generally clumsy code.
It is bad enough that I considered not open sourcing it for fear of damage to my career :-) but then decided what the hell."

popzene 2

 ( neuron | 2017. október 21., szombat - 3:10 )

In memoriam Chris Cornell

 ( neuron | 2017. július 22., szombat - 23:07 )

Iron Maiden

 ( neuron | 2017. július 14., péntek - 2:52 )


 ( neuron | 2017. február 17., péntek - 21:29 )

Blade Runner / Szárnyas fejvadász

The Pink Panther / A Rózsaszín Párduc


 ( neuron | 2017. január 31., kedd - 20:52 )

Daft Punk - Get Lucky

Madonna - La Isla Bonita

"Google beats Oracle—Android makes “fair use” of Java APIs"

 ( neuron | 2016. május 30., hétfő - 15:15 )

"Oracle has spent many millions trying to get a chunk of Android, to no avail.
Google's win somewhat softens the blow to software developers who previously thought programming language APIs were free to use. It's still the case that APIs can be protected by copyright under the law of at least one appeals court. However, the first high-profile attempt to control APIs with copyright law has now been stymied by a 'fair use' defence."

Ceylon language by Red Hat

 ( neuron | 2013. november 15., péntek - 2:24 )

"Today, we're proud to announce the first production release of the Ceylon language specification, compiler, and IDE. Ceylon 1.0 is a modern, modular, statically typed programming language for the Java and JavaScript virtual machines."

The D programming language

 ( neuron | 2013. október 29., kedd - 0:47 )

Canonical & Mir

 ( neuron | 2013. október 15., kedd - 1:20 )

"Siess legkiválóbb álmaid felé"

 ( neuron | 2013. augusztus 11., vasárnap - 17:37 )

"A születésünket nem választhatjuk meg, de itt el fogod érni a végzeted. Itt csak álmodnod kell, és szárnyalni fogsz!"
"Siess legkiválóbb álmaid felé, élj fenséges életet!"

A GNOME Shell káros hatásáról

 ( neuron | 2012. december 11., kedd - 20:39 )

"... it seems that with every minor update to GTK3, themes get broken. I experienced this myself trying find a GTK3 theme that worked well with SpaceFM – most of the themes are broken in GTK 3.4 thru 3.6 (you can see the warnings when running SpaceFM in a terminal, and functions will be broken in the app). Thus the better-maintained themes (such as Clearlooks-Phenix and DarkMint) will have different versions for every minor version of GTK. The less well-maintained ones will simply remain broken.

Theme development is a tedious and difficult task, and for the GTK devs to be so careless in breaking their API at every turn disrespects the many hours people put into making themes for it. Yet as I read some of the GNOME developer comments below, I was given to believe that this breakage stems from a Microsoft-like climate of preventing users from customizing their systems, and deliberately breaking the work of others so that your ‘brand’ is the best. Anytime I hear the word ‘brand’ being used in Linux, I know something valuable is being poisoned.


 ( neuron | 2012. december 7., péntek - 0:53 )

"After a few weeks of work with the CDE code, I’m happy to share what I hope will eventually has become a simple Debian distribution with CDE as the GUI. ... CDEbian 0.6 is a fully up-to-date Debian Squeeze i386 6.0.6 with CDE 2.2.0c and docs built and installed."

liveCD image, CDE bináris csomagok (i386, PPC) és build script itt