Security updates for Monday

3 óra 28 perc óta
Security updates have been issued by Debian (pillow, ruby-kramdown, wpa, and xrdp), Fedora (ark and rpki-client), Gentoo (apache, ark, global, gthumb, and iproute2), openSUSE (chromium, grub2, java-11-openjdk, libX11, and opera), Red Hat (bind, chromium-browser, java-1.7.1-ibm, java-1.8.0-ibm, and libvncserver), SUSE (LibVNCServer, perl-XML-Twig, thunderbird, and xen), and Ubuntu (samba).

A nagy kínai tűzfal update: TLS 1.3-as kapcsolatok blokkolva

7 óra 23 perc óta
  Kína fejlesztéseket végzett legismertebb cenzúra eszközén, a Nagy Tűzfalon (GFW), annak érdekében, hogy a webes forgalom megfigyelését megakadályozó TLS 1.3 és az ESNI (Encrypted Server Name Indication) protokollokat használó titkosított HTTPS kapcsolatok blokkolásra kerüljenek. Más, korábbi protokollokat alkalmazó (TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, SNI) kapcsolatokra nem vonatkozik a tiltás, ezek esetében ugyanis a kínai kormányzat meg tudja […]

On Perl 7 and the Perl Steering Committee

2 nap 2 óra óta
For those who are wondering about the state of the proposed Perl 7 fork and the role of the newly formed Perl Steering Committee, Ricardo Signes has put together a detailed explanation that is worth a read. "You should not expect to see a stream of unjustified dictates issuing forth from some secret body on high. You should expect to see perl5-porters operating as it generally did: with proposals coming to the list, getting discussion, and then being thumbed up or down by the project manager. This is what has been happening for years, already. Some proposals were already discussed by the project manager and some were not. If you eliminated any named mailing list for doing this, it would still happen. The PSC is a means to say that there is a default group for such discussions. If you were wondering, its initial membership was formed from 'the people who came to or were invited to the Perl Core Summit' over the last few years."

[$] 5.9 Merge window, part 1

2 nap 23 óra óta
As of this writing, just over 3,900 non-merge changesets have been pulled into the mainline repository for the 5.9 kernel development cycle. While this merge window has just begun, there is already a significant set of new features to point out.

Knauth elected Free Software Foundation president; Bénassy joins board

3 nap 1 óra óta
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced that Geoffrey Knauth has been elected president, and free software activist and developer Odile Bénassy has been appointed to the board of directors. Knauth is replacing Richard Stallman who resigned last year. In Knauth's statement, he said: "The FSF board chose me at this moment as a servant leader to help the community focus on our shared dedication to protect and grow software that respects our freedoms. It is also important to protect and grow the diverse membership of the community."

Security updates for Friday

3 nap 3 óra óta
Security updates have been issued by CentOS (firefox, java-1.8.0-openjdk, java-11-openjdk, libvncserver, postgresql-jdbc, and thunderbird), Debian (firejail and gupnp), Fedora (cutter-re, postgresql-jdbc, radare2, and webkit2gtk3), openSUSE (chromium, firefox, kernel, and python-rtslib-fb), Oracle (container-tools:ol8, kernel, and nss and nspr), Scientific Linux (thunderbird), and SUSE (firefox, kernel, postgresql10 and postgresql12, python-ipaddress, and xen).

Itt a macOS Big Sur nyilvános bétája

3 nap 10 óra óta
Kipróbálható az eddigi legnagyobb átalakulást hozó macOS frissítés, persze béta verzió lévén azért érdemes a bugokra is felkészülni.