The Xerox Alto struts its stuff on its 40th birthday

OSNews - cs, 2017-11-16 00:58
The Xerox Alto, widely recognized as the first modern personal computer, pioneered just about every basic concept we are familiar with in computers today. These include windows, bit-mapped computer displays, the whole idea of WYSIWIG interfaces, the cut/paste/copy tools in word processing programs, and pop-up menus. Most of this vision of the "office of the future" was first unveiled at a meeting of Xerox executives held on 10 Nov 1977, which was 40 years ago last week. To celebrate that birthday, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., brought together some of Parc researchers who worked on the Alto on Friday. They put it through its paces in a series of live demos. These demos used an Alto that had been restored to working order over the past eight months. One of the most important computers ever made.
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Happy 60th birthday, Fortran

LinuxToday - cs, 2017-11-16 00:20
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2db Core i5-2500K eladó

HUP adás-vétel - sze, 2017-11-15 20:50

OEM tehát csak a proci.

25000Ft/db vagy 40000Ft/2db áron.

How to Hide Nginx Server Version in Linux

LinuxToday - sze, 2017-11-15 20:40
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NumPy will drop Python 2 support

Linux Weekly News - sze, 2017-11-15 18:48
The NumPy project is phasing out support for Python 2. "The Python core team plans to stop supporting Python 2 in 2020. The NumPy project has supported both Python 2 and Python 3 in parallel since 2010, and has found that supporting Python 2 is an increasing burden on our limited resources; thus, we plan to eventually drop Python 2 support as well. Now that we're entering the final years of community-supported Python 2, the NumPy project wants to clarify our plans, with the goal of to helping our downstream ecosystem make plans and accomplish the transition with as little disruption as possible." NumPy releases will fully support both Python 2 and Python 3 until December 31, 2018. New feature releases will support only Python 3 as of January 1, 2019. (Thanks to Nathaniel Smith)
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[$] SciPy reaches 1.0

Linux Weekly News - sze, 2017-11-15 18:29

After 16 years of evolution, the SciPy project has reached version 1.0. SciPy, a free-software project, has become one of the most popular computational toolkits for scientists from a wide range of disciplines, and is largely responsible for the ascendancy of Python in many areas of scientific research. While the 1.0 release is significant, much of the underlying software has been stable for some time; the "1.0" version number reflects that the project as a whole is on solid footing.

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Stable kernel updates

Linux Weekly News - sze, 2017-11-15 18:10
Stable kernels 4.13.13, 4.9.62, 4.4.98, and 3.18.81 have been released. They all contain important fixes and users should upgrade.
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Security updates for Wednesday

Linux Weekly News - sze, 2017-11-15 18:05
Security updates have been issued by Debian (libxml-libxml-perl and varnish), openSUSE (GraphicsMagick, mongodb, shadowsocks-libev, and snack), Red Hat (flash-plugin, kernel, php, and redis), Scientific Linux (kernel and php), and Ubuntu (shadow).
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Crafting your AI strategy: 3 tips

LinuxToday - sze, 2017-11-15 17:40
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Egy év múlva jöhetnek az Intel nem felejtő memóriamoduljai

HWSW - sze, 2017-11-15 16:42
Jövő év második felére ígéri a 3D XPointra építő DIMM-eket az Intel. Sikerül-e tartani a határidőt, vagy tovább csúszhat a szerverekbe szánt memóriamodul?

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11/12 PCLinuxOS 2017.11

DistroWatch - sze, 2017-11-15 15:40
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11/11 SharkLinux 4.13.0

DistroWatch - sze, 2017-11-15 15:40
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