[Eladó] 5db HP 512MB DDR2 400 CL3 REG ECC memóriamodul

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További adatok:
-PN: 345112-051
-1Rx8 PC2-3200R-333-12
HP 345112-051 512MB PC2-3200 DDR2 SDRAM ECC 240 pin 1.8V 400MHz Single Rank 1R Registered DIMM Memory
5 darab van belőle.
8000Huf az 5 darab egyben.

DragonFly BSD 4.8 released

OSNews - k, 2017-03-28 01:30
DragonFly version 4.8 brings EFI boot support in the installer, further speed improvements in the kernel, a new NVMe driver, a new eMMC driver, and Intel video driver updates. A ton of changes in this release.
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[$] The future of DAX

Linux Weekly News - k, 2017-03-28 01:01
DAX is the mechanism that enables direct access to files stored in persistent memory arrays without the need to copy the data through the page cache. At the 2017 Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory-Management Summit, Ross Zwisler led a plenary session on the future of DAX. Development in this area offers a number of interesting trade-offs between data safety and enabling the highest performance.
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Daimler Jumps on Linux Bandwagon

LinuxToday - h, 2017-03-27 23:40
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DragonFly BSD 4.8

Linux Weekly News - h, 2017-03-27 23:20
DragonFly BSD 4.8 has been released. "DragonFly version 4.8 brings EFI boot support in the installer, further speed improvements in the kernel, a new NVMe driver, a new eMMC driver, and Intel video driver updates." DragonFly is an independent BSD variant, perhaps best known for the HAMMER filesystem.
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Linux 4.11 rc4

LinuxToday - h, 2017-03-27 22:40
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03/23 Ubuntu Budgie 17.04-beta2

DistroWatch - h, 2017-03-27 22:20
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Apple releases iOS 10.3, macOS Sierra 10.12.4

OSNews - h, 2017-03-27 22:03
Apple has released iOS 10.3, which brings with it a major change you should really, really be aware of before you install this update. iOS 10.3 introduces a new Apple File System (APFS), which is installed when an iOS device is updated. APFS is optimized for flash/SSD storage and includes improved support for encryption. Other features include snapshots for freezing the state of a file system (better for backups), space sharing, and better space efficiency, all of which should result in a more stable platform. Customers updating to iOS 10.3 should first make a backup given that the update installs a new file system. While everything should work out just fine with this update, I'd take additional precautions to make sure all your important data is properly backed up. In addition, Apple also released macOS Sierra 10.12.4, which introduces Night Shift to the Mac.
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When women stopped coding

OSNews - h, 2017-03-27 21:57
Modern computer science is dominated by men. But it hasn't always been this way. A lot of computing pioneers - the people who programmed the first digital computers - were women. And for decades, the number of women studying computer science was growing faster than the number of men. But in 1984, something changed. The percentage of women in computer science flattened, and then plunged, even as the share of women in other technical and professional fields kept rising. What happened? An older article from 2014 that - sadly - just refuses to become irrelevant.
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[ELKELT]Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR Modell: 80T7

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Duplikácó miatt elado a Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR Modell: 80T7 szamú laptop.
Állapot: ki van bonta, tesztelve lett. Mivel kettő van belőle ez került eladó sorba.
- Proci: N3710 Processor (1.60GHz 2MB)
- Memória: 4GB alap 8GB ra bovíthető ha kéred
- Winchester: 500GB HDD igény eseten SSD-re cserélem
- DVD iro :)
- 3 cellás akku (3 óra)
- 15,6 ' 1366*768 felbontás
Egyéb kérdésre telefonon válaszolok.
Személyes átvétel a javasolt. Tesztelés, kipróbálás lehetséges.

90.000 ft :)


Fashion companies embrace Android Wear

OSNews - h, 2017-03-27 21:01
March has been a particularly fecund time for new Android Wear watch announcements, though unlike previous years, the brands behind these devices are almost all from the fashion and luxury spheres of business. Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, and Movado are just some of the well known names announcing Wear 2.0 smartwatches. This wave of new products is symptomatic of a broader trend in the tech industry: one where a high degree of component and software integration has made it almost trivial to launch a new tech product, whether or not you're actually a tech company. Maybe this is the right strategy for Android Wear. I've definitely seen some nice Wear 2.0 devices for later this year, and we wouldn't have this much variety if Google had kept Wear 2.0 close to its chest, much like what Apple does with the Apple Watch. If you don't like a square watch - and which sane person does? - you're out of luck on Apple's side of things. That being said, none of these have actually come out yet, so I'm not holding my breath on any of them being any good. All I want is an understated, simple smartwatch that doesn't have all this useless garbage like NFC, Wi-Fi, or LTE sucking up battery. I have my eyes on the LG Watch Style for exactly that reason, but they don't sell it in The Netherlands.
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How to Create a Wifi Hotspot in Ubuntu

LinuxToday - h, 2017-03-27 19:40
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SecureDrop and Alexandre Oliva are 2016 Free Software Awards winners

Linux Weekly News - h, 2017-03-27 17:38
The Free Software Foundation has announced the winners of the 2016 Free Software Awards. The Award for Projects of Social Benefit went to SecureDrop and the Award for the Advancement of Free Software went to Alexandre Oliva. "SecureDrop is an anonymous whistleblowing platform used by major news organizations and maintained by Freedom of the Press Foundation. Originally written by the late Aaron Swartz with assistance from Kevin Poulsen and James Dolan, the free software platform was designed to facilitate private and anonymous conversations and secure document transfer between journalists and sensitive sources."
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