Inkscape 1.1.1


Megjelent a szabad és nyílt forrású Inkscape vektorgrafikus szerkesztő 1.1.1-es kiadása. Változások:

New Features


  • We've added a link to our donation page in Help → Donate, to make it easier for users to contribute to the project financially (MR #3325)

Bug fixes


  • Thanks to the upstream fix in gtk3, pressure sensitivity works again with Windows Ink activated (Bug #1437
  • Stroke to Path works on text again (Bug #2333)
  • Undoing Stroke to Path no longer loses the object's id (Bug #2759)
  • Undoing Object to Path for an object with a Live Path Effect is now possible without also undoing the preceding action (Bug #1504)
  • Saving no longer leaks memory (Bug#2800)
  • Startup times improved, 3.3 seconds to 3 seconds on one Windows machine (Commit 228b6a)
  • Hide unnecessary warnings in terminal about optional font directories not being used (Commit 76fb99)
  • Canvas no longer blurred when moving window from HiDPI to a regular display (Commit f7162b)
  • Clicking selects objects again on wmii and some other window managers (Bug #2801)
  • Caps lock no longer stops Delete, Page Down and some other shortcut keys from working on Windows (Bug #2496)


  • Clicking the resize separator will toggle visibility of docked dialog (Commit 3c8683Bug #4676MR #2969)
  • Welcome dialog:
    • Fixed a paper size typo (Bug #2570)
    • Renamed some confusing device size names (Bug #2570)
    • Removed an unnecessary warning when choosing the keyboard shortcuts set (Bug #2529)
  • Transform dialog: Matrix tab no longer stubbornly insists on using display units instead of the units the user selected (Bug #2429)
  • Text and Font dialog: Font features load in under a second, instead of minutes for fonts with lots of font features. More font feature glyphs shown too (Commit 0dacc4MR #3449)


  • Fast crop: Transparency is now respected when applying the Filters → Fill and Transparency → Fast Crop filter (Bug #2419)


  • EPS: Users that have installed Inkscape in the snap packaging format can open EPS files again (Bug #1406)


  • Optimized SVG: Save as → Optimized SVG works again in Linux AppImage (Bug #1738)


  • Start / end markers: A bug was fixed where the path tip protruded over the arrow marker's end (Bug #2593).


  • Help menu: Now using a different set of web links to link to the documentation from the Help menu (MR #3325)


  • Snap remembers user preferences even when the home directory is not available to the snap. This may occur in LDAP, SSSD, or other set ups where there is a modified nsswitch.conf and NSCD is not acting as a proxy to snaps. (MR #3474)
  • Build fixes:


  • All templates generated from the 'Welcome' dialog now use a document scale of 1, making it easier to hand-edit documents created using them (Bug #2728)


  • Measure tool:
    • Settings for font size and precision for the Measure tool work again (MR #3343)
    • Position dialog moves handles to the right place again (Commit 1fcc33)
    • Measurements no longer reset on right click or tool switch (Commit bd9349Commit 341a0e)

Crash fixes

Fixed a crash when …

  • … using a grid with the Document Properties dialog open on Windows. This also fixes a memory leak on other operating systems, that did not necessarily lead to a crash. (Bug #2585)
  • … trying to copy an object without ID (Bug #2714)
  • … stroke to path applied on paths with no area, fill, stroke, or markers (Bug #2502Bug 2572)
  • … entering a space character in the 'Attributes' field of the 'Clone Original' LPE settings dialog (Bug #1709)
  • … closing a window while the filter editer dialog is floating and a filter is selected (Bug #2753)
  • … pasting 3D boxes when the 3D box tool is active (Bug #2741)
  • … multiple objects selected for spray tool in single path mode (#2740)
  • … quitting in command line or when opening windows if done before window fully loads (Bug #2776Bug #2487)
  • … Homebrew or MacPorts used and XDG_DATA_DIRS is not defined (Commit 1a6c62)

Extension bug fixes


The following UI translations received updates:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Catalan
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese

Letölthető innen.


Ez lesz az Ubuntu-21.10 (Impish Indri)-ben, legalábbis már ezt rakta fel.

$ dpkg -l | grep inkscape
ii  inkscape                                      1.1.1-2ubuntu1