Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Alpha 1


Tesztelhető a Kodi 19-es, "Matrix" kódnevű sorozatának első alpha kiadása.

Főbb változások:


  • Improved handling of multi-disc CD sets and box sets
  • Additional metadata tags
  • Improved handling of album release dates
  • New setting to open music fullscreen/visualisation window automatically when playback is started
  • A new, Matrix-inspired music visualisation is now available to install - great care has been put into making this perform well on lower-end systems


  • Software decoding of the AV1 CODEC


  • Subtitle opacity can now be changed
  • New dark grey colour for subtitles

Estuary Skin

  • Redesign of the music fullscreen/visualisation window to match other fullscreen windows - allows fanart and visualisations to be shown without coloured overlays
  • Additional media info flags added to music fullscreen/visualisation window info display
  • The default Playlist view now uses the Widelist view format with options on the sideblade menu as in other areas of the skin
  • A new "Now Playing" view added for music playback, showing media details for both any selected song in the playlist and those for any currently playing song


  • iOS now supports game controllers (Xbox/PlayStation/other supported Bluetooth controllers)

Platform Specifics

  • Darwin (Apple) platforms:
    • Objective-C code migrated from manual memory management to ARC
  • iOS:
    • Added showing total/free space
    • Kodi log can now be shared using native sharing sheet
    • Kodi GUI is no longer obscured on devices with notch
  • macOS:
    • Blank Other Displays setting no longer requires app restart
    • "Toggle fullscreen" now uses default macOS shortcut
  • Android:
    • Static HDR10 support for all source types (if supported by the device)
    • Dynamic Dolby Vision HDR support for streaming services (if supported by the device)
  • Windows:
    • Static HDR10 support for all source types (if supported by the GPU) 

Information Providers (scrapers)

  • New python scrapers for music - available in repo as Generic Album Scraper and Generic Artist Scraper
  • New python scrapers for TV & movies - available in repo as The Movie Database Python and The TVDB (new)


  • PVR reminders
  • TV and radio channel groups and Estuary home screen widgets
  • Group manager usability enhancements
  • Channel manager usability enhancements
  • Guide window navigation controls
  • Estuary PVR information dialog enhancements
  • Setting 'Switch to full screen' now supports channel types
  • Playlist context menu items for recordings
  • Dynamic PVR categories for Estuary home screen
  • Ability to sort channels and EPG by the backend order of channels
  • Support group specific channel numbering and option to start group number locally from 1
  • Support for starting EPG entries as live
  • Support displaying recording sizes and being able to sort by them
  • New, Live, Finale and Premiere for EPG, recordings and timers
  • Guide window performance improvements
  • Search window performance improvements
  • EPG performance and memory usage optimisations
  • C++ API for PVR Addon development


  • Improved information around the security implications of enabling external interfaces
  • Added default-on switch to require a password for the web interface


  • Probably the biggest change: with this release, we move to Python 3 for addons (see note below).
  • Kodi will now enforce the origin of installed addons and their dependencies. This has been implemented to prevent third party repositories from overwriting code of unrelated add-ons, which was the cause of numerous error reports in the past.

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