Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 beta

Tesztelhető a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 bétája. Részletek a bejelentésben.


With this update, virtio-blk commands, discard and write-zeros, are now supported in QEMU/KVM. As a result, a KVM guest can use the virtio-blk device to discard unused sectors of an SSD, fill sectors with zeros when they are emptied, or both. This can be used to increase SSD performance or to ensure that a drive is securely erased.

Accessing and sharing Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) storage over TCP/IP networks (NVMe/TCP) and its corresponding nvme-tcp.ko and nvmet-tcp.ko kernel modules have been added as a Technology Preview.

In RHEL 8.2 and later, nested virtualization is fully supported for KVM virtual machines (VMs) running on an Intel 64 host with RHEL 8. With this feature, a RHEL 7 or RHEL 8 VM that runs on a physical RHEL 8 host can act as a hypervisor, and host its own VMs.