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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 beta

Tesztelhető a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 bétája. Részletek a bejelentésben.

CentOS Linux 8 (2004)

A CentOS projekt részéről Brian Stinson bejelentette a CentOS Linux 8 általános elérhetőségét (general availability). Verziószám szerint a ez a 2004-es kiadás (értsd: 20.04, azaz 2020.04) és a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 forráskódjaira alapul. A kiadási megjegyzések dokumentum elolvasható itt, a bejelentés itt.

Mi az a Fedora Silverblue?

A Fedora Silverblue:

The Fedora Silverblue project takes Fedora workstation, libostree and podman, puts them in a blender, and creates a new Immutable Fedora Workstation. Fedora Silverblue is an OS that stops you from changing the core system files arbitrarily, and readily allows you to change the environment system files. The article What is Silverblue describes the big picture, and this article drills down into details for the developer.


Silverblue is a codename for the new generation of the desktop operating system, previously known as Atomic Workstation. The operating system is delivered in images that are created by utilizing the rpm-ostree project. The main benefits of the system are speed, security, atomic updates and immutability. 


Silverblue is full of shiny new tech. That in itself is enough to attract the cool kids, like moths to a flame. But this OS is not for everyone. It’s a young system, so some bugs will still be lurking in there. And pioneering tech requires a change of habit – that’s extra cognitive load that the new user may not want to take on.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team bejelentette a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 általános elérhetőségét. Részletek a kiadási megjegyzésekben. Meglevő Red Hat ügyfelek elérhetik a Customer Portal-ról, 30 napos kipróbálható verzió elérhető itt.

Fedorával előtelepített laptopokat hoz ki a Lenovo

Today, I’m excited to share some big news with you—Fedora Workstation will be available on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops! Yes, I know, many of us already run a Fedora operating system on a Lenovo system, but this is different. You’ll soon be able to get Fedora pre-installed by selecting it as you customize your purchase.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8

A The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team bejelentette a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8 általános elérhetőségét (General Availability).

Today, we’re pleased to announce the latest update to the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform with the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8. This release ensures enhanced consistency and control across cloud infrastructure for IT operations teams while also providing a suite of modern, supported container creation tools for enterprise application developers.

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