NomadBSD 1.3.1


Megjelent a NomadBSD 1.3.1-es kiadása.

Változások az 1.3.1 óta:

  • The base system has been upgraded to FreeBSD 12.1-p2
  • The automatic network interface setup has been improved. This includes better hardware detection, and support for IPv6.
  • The NomadBSD image size has exceeded the 4GB mark. A flash drive >= 5GB is now required.
  • Due to the bigger image size, mail/claws-mail could be replaced by mail/thunderbird.
  • The NomadBSD setup now locks all kernel module packages to prevent users from running into problems when upgrading their packages.
  • nomadbsd-chusr, which is a graphical tool for modifying user accounts, has been added.
  • nomadbsd-sysinfo, which is a shell script to collect information about the running system, has been added.
  • Zeroconf via avahi and mdns has been added.
  • Czech translations have been added by Martin Orszulik.
  • French translations have been added by Grégory Reinbold.
  • Indonesian translations have been added by Andreas Bayu.
  • Key bindings for taking screenshots ([Print]), and for locking the screen (Ctrl + Alt + L) have been added.
  • A theme for the lock screen has been added.
  • Several small tweaks and bug fixes have been added.

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