Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.18-pre5 | Linux 2.4.18-pre6


Marcelo barátunk kiadta a 2.4.18-pre5 kernelt, amelyben megpatch -elt egy ICMP overflow hibát.

From: Marcelo Tosatti

Subject: Linux 2.4.18-pre5

Date: 22 Jan 2002 15:20:24 -0200

Hi, I was waiting for the icmp overflow problem to be fixed to release thiskernel, but it only exists only on 2.2. Well, here goes pre5.

Majd mindjárt rá is jött, hogy nem használható, és kiadta a 2.4.18-pre6 -ot. A rossz patch -ot eltávolította a kernelből, és "don't use" (mármint a 2.4.18-pre5 -bõl) lett belőle.

From: Marcelo Tosatti

Subject: Linux 2.4.18-pre6

Date: 22 Jan 2002 16:06:38 -0200

Well, I ended up including a wrong patch in pre5. Do not use it. Here is pre6 to fix that mistake.Változások:


- Include missing radeonfb defines (Erik Andersen)

- Fix fs/buffer.c thinko introduced in pre4 (Andrew Morton)

- USB bugfixes (Greg KH)

- Make fat work correctly with gcc-3.0.x (Tom Rini)

- Avoid overusage of the vmalloc area by NTFS

(Anton Altaparmakov)

- atyfb: Decrease clock rate for 3d RAGE XL (David S. Miller)

- Sungem driver bugfixes (David S. Miller)

- More networking updates (David S. Miller)

- More SPARC updates (David S. Miller)

- devfs update (Richard Gooch)

- Reiserfs expanding truncate fix (Chris Mason)

- ext3 update (Andrew Morton/Stephen Tweedie)

- Add support to WDIOC_SETTIMEOUT on several

watchdog drivers (Joel Becker)

- dl2k driver update (Jeff Garzik)

- Orinoco driver update (David Gibson)

- Radeonfb driver update (Ani Joshi)

- Avoid free_swap_and_cache() from leaving

freeable pages on the cache (Hugh Dickins)

- Add workarounds for AMD Elan processors (Robert Schwebel)

- Random pmac driver bugfixing (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)

- emu10k1 driver update (Rui Sousa)


- Removed patch in icmp code: its not needed

and causes problems (me)

A patch -ek letölthetők a mirrorokról.