Linux kernel 2.4.17-pre6

 ( trey | 2001. december 8., szombat - 16:37 )

Mejelent a 2.4.17-pre6. Letölthető a -ról, és a mirrorokról.Változások:


- ISDN fixes (Kai Germaschewski)

- Eicon driver updates (Kai Germaschewski)

- ymfpci update (Pete Zaitcev)

- Fix multithread coredump deadlock (Manfred Spraul)

- Support /dev/kmem access to vmalloc space (Marc Boucher)

- ext3 fixes/enhancements (Andrew Morton)

- Add IT8172G driver to (Giacomo Catenazzi)

- update (Eric S. Raymond)

- Create __devexit_p() function and use that on drivers which need it to make it possible to use newer binutils (Keith Owens)

- Make PCMCIA compile without PCI support (Paul Mackerras)

- Use copy_user_highpage instead copy_highpage on COW path. (David S. Miller)

- Cacheline align some more performance critical spinlocks (Anton Blanchard)

- sonypi driver update (Michael C.B. Ashley/Bob Donnelly)

- direct render for some SiS cards (Torsten Duwe/Alan Cox)

- full handling of the NFSv3 'jukebox' feature (Trond Myklebust)

- NFS performance improvements (Trond Myklebust)

- More parport fixes (Tim Waugh)

- Fix lots of core NCR5380 bugs (Alan Cox)

- NCR5380/PAS driver update (Alan Cox)

- Add aacraid to the SCSI list (Alan Cox)

- fdomain driver fixes (Alan Cox)