1.1 Beta2 kiadás

Szép ütemben fejlődik az 1.1, amit mi sem bizonyít jobban, minthogy megjelent (2003. 05 20.) a legfrissebb beta kiadás.

Bejelentés:I am glad to announce that the Beta 2 of the next version of the Office 1.1--is now available for download from: 1.1 Beta2 represents a significant advance in the application and incorporates the features and changes introduced in the developer builds over the past year. The release includes a massive amount of new and exciting functionality, features and bugfixes compared to the 1.0.x releases, the highlights of which are:

  • Many new import/export formats like DocBook, several PDA Office file formats, flat XML and XHTML
  • Support for PDF and Macromedia Flash export
  • Support for Complex Text Layout (CTL) and vertical writing languages such as Thai, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew
  • Enhanced integration with Java
  • Support for Accessibility
  • Enhanced support for add-on components
  • Improved online help
  • Support for new languages and locales

    New since 1.1 beta:

  • Support for printer independent layout
  • GUI support for xslt based filters
  • Improvements to pdf export
  • Enhanced ole editing support on windows
  • A large number of bugfixes

    For a more complete list of features please see

    For people interested in getting started helping become better, faster, and above all more bugfree, a page detailing how to best file bugs, how to help the QA project deal with bug reports, how to run with Valgrind and a number of ready made bug query scripts, exists at