Arm64 szervereket adományozott az Ampere a Debian projektnek


Debian today announced that Ampere® partnered with Debian to support Debian’s hardware infrastructure through the donation of three of Ampere’s high-performance Arm64 servers. These Lenovo ThinkSystem HR330A servers contain Ampere’s eMAG CPU with an Arm®v8 64-bit processor specifically designed for cloud servers, equipped with 256GB RAM, dual 960GB SSDs, and a 25GbE dual port NIC.
The donated servers have been deployed at the University of British Columbia, Debian’s hosting partner in Vancouver, Canada. The Debian System Administrators (DSA) have configured them to run Arm64/armhf/armel build daemons, replacing the build daemons running on less powerful development-grade boards. On virtual machines with half as many allocated vCPUs, the result has been that the time to build Arm* packages has been halved with Ampere’s eMAG system. Another benefit from this generous gift will allow DSA to migrate some general Debian services currently operating in its present infrastructure, and will provision virtual machines for other Debian teams (e.g.: Continuous Integration, Quality Assurance, etc.) who require access to Arm64 architecture.

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