Xen 4.16


A Xen Project bejelentette a Xen Project Hypervisor 4.16-os kiadását. Főbb újdonságok:

  • Miscellaneous fixes to the TPM manager software in preparation for TPM 2.0 support.
  • An increased reliance on the PV shim as 32-bit PV guests will only be supported in shim mode going forward. This change reduces the attack surface in the hypervisor.
  • Increased hardware support by allowing Xen to boot on Intel devices that lack a Programmable Interval Timer.
  • Cleanup of legacy components by no longer building QEMU Traditional or PV-Grub by default. Note both projects have upstream Xen support merged now, so it is no longer recommended to use the Xen specific forks.
  • Improved support for the Gitlab automated tests: 32-bit Arm builds and full system tests for x86.
  • Initial support for guest virtualized Performance Monitor Counters on Arm.
  • Improved support for dom0less mode by allowing the usage on Arm 64bit hardware with EFI firmware.
  • Improved support for Arm 64-bit heterogeneous systems by leveling the CPU features across all to improve big.LITTLE support.

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