Kali Linux 2021.1


Elérhető a pentest és etikus hacker eszközök terjesztésére szakosodott Kali Linux legújabb kiadása.

Változások az előző kiadás óta:

The summary of the changelog since the 2020.4 release from November 2020 is:

  • Xfce 4.16 - Our preferred and current default desktop environment has been updated and tweaked
  • KDE 5.20 - Plasma also received a version bump
  • Terminals - mate-terminal, terminator and tilix all had various work carried out on them
  • Command Not Found - A helping hand to say if a program needs to be installed
  • Partnership with more tool authors - BC Security & Joohoi have been producing great tools and we want to support them
  • New tools & updates - Multiple new tools have been added to Kali and are ready for you
  • Kali NetHunter - New BusyBox & Rucky version, and boot-animation
  • Kali ARM - Preliminary support for Parallels on Apple Silicon (Apple M1) & Raspberry Pi 400 (WiFi Support)

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