26 éves a Debian!


Huszonhat éve annak, hogy 1993. augusztus 16-án 13:05:37-kor (GMT) Ian Murdock bejelentette a "Debian Linux Release"-t a comp.os.linux.development hírcsoportban:

Fellow Linuxers,

This is just to announce the imminent completion of a brand-new Linux release, which I'm calling the Debian Linux Release. This is a release that I have put together basically from scratch; in other words, I didn't simply make some changes to SLS and call it a new release. I was inspired to put together this release after running SLS and generally being dissatisfied with much of it, and after much altering of SLS I decided that it would be easier to start from scratch. The base system is now virtually complete (though I'm still looking around to make sure that I grabbed the most recent sources for everything), and I'd like to get some feedback before I add the "fancy" stuff.[/blockquote]

A teljes eredeti bejelentés itt olvasható. Boldog 26. születésnapot, Debian!


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