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The Intel Edison: Linux Maker Machine in a Matchbox (

h, 2017-03-20 21:21 takes a look at the Intel Edison. "The Intel Edison is a physically tiny computer that draws a small amount of power and breaks out plenty of connections to allow it to interact with other electronics. It begs to be the brain of your next electronics tinkering project, with all the basics in a tiny package and an easy way to connect other things you might need."
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Security updates for Monday

h, 2017-03-20 17:36
Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (firefox, mbedtls, and wordpress), CentOS (firefox, openjpeg, and tomcat6), Debian (deluge, ioquake3, r-base, and wireshark), Fedora (qemu, rabbitmq-server, and sscg), Gentoo (adobe-flash, openoffice-bin, and putty), openSUSE (Chromium, irssi, putty, and roundcubemail), Oracle (firefox and openjpeg), Red Hat (firefox and openjpeg), Scientific Linux (firefox and openjpeg), and SUSE (firefox).
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OpenSSH 7.5 released

h, 2017-03-20 16:18
OpenSSH 7.5 is out. This is primarily a bug-fix release, but it also makes the use of privilege separation mandatory and removes support for building against old, unsupported OpenSSL releases.
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Kernel prepatch 4.11-rc3

h, 2017-03-20 14:48
The 4.11-rc3 kernel prepatch is out. "As is our usual pattern after the merge window, rc3 is larger than rc2, but this is hopefully the point where things start to shrink and calm down."
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Weekend stable kernel updates

v, 2017-03-19 17:24
The 4.10.4, 4.9.16, and 4.4.55 stable kernels are out with another set of important fixes.
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Ubuntu: A follow-up on 32-bit powerpc architecture

p, 2017-03-17 20:27
Ubuntu has discontinued support for the 32-bit powerpc architecture in Zesty Zappus (17.04). "We are well into Feature Freeze at this point, so an update is overdue. As of Feature Freeze in February, the status is that powerpc packages are no longer considered for proposed-migration, and we have discontinued all CD image builds for powerpc in zesty. For the moment, uploads continue to be built for powerpc in Launchpad, and packages are still published in the archive. You should expect both to be discontinued before the 17.04 release."
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Gregg: perf sched for Linux CPU scheduler analysis

p, 2017-03-17 19:38
Brendan Gregg shows how to do scheduler profiling with the perf sched command. "perf sched timehist was added in Linux 4.10, and shows the scheduler latency by event, including the time the task was waiting to be woken up (wait time) and the scheduler latency after wakeup to running (sch delay). It's the scheduler latency that we're more interested in tuning."
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Security updates for Friday

p, 2017-03-17 17:12
Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (linux-zen), Debian (calibre, libdatetime-timezone-perl, tzdata, wireshark, and wordpress), Fedora (icoutils and tcpreplay), Mageia (wavpack), openSUSE (dracut and qemu), and SUSE (firefox and xen).
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The end of the line for EPEL-5

p, 2017-03-17 13:59
The remaining users of RHEL 5 (and derivatives) will want to know that maintenance of the EPEL-5 repository is coming to an end. "In the end, EPEL-5 went live sometime in April of 2007 and over the next 10 years grew to a repository of over 5000 source packages and 200,000 unique ip addresses checking in per day at its peak of 240,000 in early 2013. While every package built for EPEL is done with the RHEL packages, all of these packages have been useful for the various community rebuilds (CentOS, Scientific Linux, Amazon Linux) of RHEL. This meant that growth in those eco-systems brought more users into using EPEL and helping on packaging as later RHEL releases came out. However as these newer releases and rebuilds grew in usage, the number of EPEL-5 users has gradually fallen to around 160,000 unique ip addresses per day. Also over that time, the number of packages supported by developers has fallen and the repository has shrunk in size to 2000 source packages."
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Linux Plumbers Conference call for refereed presentation proposals

cs, 2017-03-16 19:27
The 2017 Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) has announced its call for refereed presentations. "Refereed Presentations are 45 minutes in length and should focus on a specific aspect of the 'plumbing' in the Linux system. Examples of Linux plumbing include core kernel subsystems, core libraries, windowing systems, management tools, device support, media creation/playback, and so on. The best presentations are not about finished work, but rather problems, proposals, or proof-of-concept solutions that require face-to-face discussions and debate." Proposals are due by May 6 and LPC will be held in Los Angeles, CA, US on September 13-15 in conjunction with The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit North America.
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GNU Guile 2.2.0 released

cs, 2017-03-16 19:20
The GNU Guile project has announced the release of Guile 2.2.0, which is an implementation of the Scheme Lisp dialect. "More than 6 years in the making, Guile 2.2 includes a new optimizing compiler and high-performance register virtual machine. Compared to the old 2.0 series, real-world programs often show a speedup of 30% or more with Guile 2.2. Besides the compiler upgrade, Guile 2.2 removes limitations on user programs by lowering memory usage, speeding up the "eval" interpreter, providing better support for multi-core programming, and last but not least, removing any fixed limit on recursive function calls. Not only does Guile 2.2 run fast, it also supports the creation of user-space concurrency facilities that multiplex millions of concurrent lightweight "fibers". See for pointers to promising experiments."
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A new bcachefs release

cs, 2017-03-16 17:30
Kent Overstreet has announced a new major release of his bcachefs filesystem. Changes in this release include whole-filesystem encryption, backup superblocks, better multiple-device support, a user-space filesystem checker, and more. "We can also now migrate filesystems to bcachefs in place! The bcache migrate command takes an existing filesystem, fallocates a big file in it, creates a new filesystem (in userspace) on the block device but using only the space reserved by that file it fallocated - and then walks the contents of the original filesystem creating pointers to all your existing data." There is an on-disk format change, but there's a chance it's the last one.

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Security updates for Thursday

cs, 2017-03-16 16:33
Security updates have been issued by CentOS (thunderbird), Fedora (ettercap, jasper, qbittorrent, and tcpreplay), Oracle (tomcat6), Red Hat (rabbitmq-server), Slackware (pidgin), SUSE (flash-player), and Ubuntu (libxml2, linux, linux-aws, linux-gke, linux-raspi2, linux-snapdragon, and linux-lts-xenial).
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[$] Weekly Edition for March 16, 2017

cs, 2017-03-16 04:14
The Weekly Edition for March 16, 2017 is available.
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[$] 2038: only 21 years away

sze, 2017-03-15 17:40
Sometimes it seems that things have gone relatively quiet on the year-2038 front. But time keeps moving forward, and the point in early 2038 when 32-bit time_t values can no longer represent times correctly is now less than 21 years away. That may seem like a long time, but the relatively long life cycle of many embedded systems means that some systems deployed today will still be in service when that deadline hits. One of the developers leading the effort to address this problem is Arnd Bergmann; at Linaro Connect 2017 he gave an update on where that work stands.
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Stable kernel updates

sze, 2017-03-15 17:28
Stable kernels 4.10.3, 4.9.15, and 4.4.54 have been released. All of them contain the usual set of important fixes.
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Security updates for Wednesday

sze, 2017-03-15 17:22
Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (flashplugin, jasper, kernel, lib32-flashplugin, and roundcubemail), Debian (chromium-browser and mariadb-10.0), Fedora (ettercap), openSUSE (firefox, mozilla-nss and thunderbird), Oracle (thunderbird), Red Hat (flash-plugin, kernel, policycoreutils, rabbitmq-server, and tomcat6), Scientific Linux (tomcat6), and Ubuntu (imagemagick).
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MATE 1.18 released

sze, 2017-03-15 15:16
Version 1.18 of the MATE desktop has been released. "The release is focused on completing the migration to GTK3+ and adopting new technologies to replace some of deprecated components MATE Desktop 1.16 still relied on."
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Haas: Parallel Query v2

sze, 2017-03-15 00:34
Robert Haas describes the many parallelism enhancements in the upcoming PostgreSQL 10 release. "The Gather node introduced in PostgreSQL 9.6 gathers results from all workers in an arbitrary order. That's fine if the data that the workers were producing had no particular ordering anyway, but if each worker is producing sorted output, then it would be nice to gather those results in a way that preserves the sort order. This is what Gather Merge does. It can speed up queries where it's useful for the results of the parallel portion of the plan to have a particular sort order, and where the parallel portion of the plan produces enough rows that performing an ordinary Gather followed by a Sort would be expensive."
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Red Hat Product Security Risk Report 2016

k, 2017-03-14 23:40
Red Hat has released its annual report on the vulnerabilities that afflicted its products and how they were handled. "Looking only at issues affecting base Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases, we released 38 Critical security advisories addressing 50 Critical vulnerabilities. Of those issues, 100% had fixes the same or next day after the issue was public. During that same timeframe, across the whole Red Hat portfolio, 76% of Critical issues had updates to address them the same or next day after the issue was public with 98% addressed within a week of the issue being public."
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