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vmm(4)/vmd(8) support for seabios and linux guests

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Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) writes on tech@:

I just committed the last parts of my working tree to enable both seabios and alpine linux support (using serial console).

This should be enough for people to create images and help find and fix bugs.

See a mailing list archive for the full message.

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golang now has native support for OpenBSD's pledge(2)

cs, 2017-03-23 10:37
Google's golang, collaboratively developed by Unix and C pioneers like Ken Thompson, Rob Pike et al has been very BSD friendly (the language itself is BSD licensed) and it just got even friendlier for OpenBSD's pledge mechanism.

To quote the diff:

"unix: add support for OpenBSD pledge

Pledge, the privilege-restricting syscall and mitigation mechanism, was missing from syscall_openbsd.go. As of the latest release, it is officially supported in 'stable'."

Link to the full golang diff here:

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EuroBSDCon 2017 Call for Papers open

cs, 2017-03-16 10:48
On behalf of the EuroBSDCon 2017 Program Committee, here is the Call for Proposals for the EuroBSDCon 2017 conference which will take place in Paris, France from 21st through 24th of September 2017:

Closing date for the CfP is April, 30th.

Please submit your proposals!
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Half a dozen new features in mandoc -T html

cs, 2017-03-16 00:12

Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) has written in with another (beautifully formatted) report on even more great mandoc(1) enhancements:

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Ted Unangst on (even more) notable recent changes in OpenBSD

sze, 2017-03-15 01:00

Ted Unangst (tedu@) continues his flak series with part 6 and part 7.

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New mandoc -mdoc -T markdown converter

szo, 2017-03-04 18:47
If you follow commits closely, via source-changes@ or otherwise, you may already know that mandoc has grown another useful feature. Ingo Schwarze sent us this very nicely formatted article about the new mandoc to markdown converter:


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OpenBSD Foundation 2016 Fundraising

k, 2017-02-28 13:14

Ken Westerback (krw@ when wearing his developer hat) writes in with a summary:

The OpenBSD Foundation is happy to report that the 2016 fundraising goal of $250,000 has been more than met with a final donation total of $573,000!

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What happened to my vlan?

sze, 2017-02-22 10:54

Hrvoje Popovski kindly wrote in to point out that Martin Pieuchot (mpi@) has written a piece entitled What happened to my vlan?.

The piece begins:

A long term goal of the effort I'm driving to unlock OpenBSD's Network Stack is obviously to increase performances. So I'd understand that you find confusing when some of our changes introduce performance regressions.

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mandoc-1.14.1 released

k, 2017-02-21 10:44

Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) writes in:


i'm pleased to announce the public release of portable mandoc-1.14.1. It is available now from

All downstream maintainers are encouraged to update their ports and packages from 1.13.4 to 1.14.1.

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a2k17 hackathon report: Antoine Jacoutot on syspatch, rc.d improvements and more

p, 2017-02-10 00:43
Next up in our series of a2k17 hackathon reports is this one from Antoine Jacoutot, who writes:

For once I did not try and plan anything for this hackathon because I wanted to take the time to think over few things and talk with a few fellow developers. Read more...

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a2k17 hackathon report: Patrick Wildt on the arm64 port

h, 2017-01-30 13:58

Patrick Wildt (patrick@) reports on progress with arm64 platform support:

I knew that as soon as I stepped out of the airplane, I would be going to melt. In preparation for my impeding death I had spent the week before on debugging and bringing up the OpenBSD/arm64 port in QEMU.

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a2k17 hackathon report: Martin Pieuchot on NET_LOCK and much more

szo, 2017-01-28 04:25

Our next a2k17 report comes from Martin Pieuchot (mpi@), who writes:

My goal for a2k17 was to fix the remaining issues with the NET_LOCK() and enable it again.

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a2k17 hackathon report: Kenneth Westerback on the hidden wonders of the build system, the network stack and more

p, 2017-01-27 00:29
Still fresh from the just completed hackathon down under Ken Westerback writes, The trip to Brisbane was much nicer on the new direct flight from Vancouver, which saved me one airport traversal. And the high tech automated border control process was very cool. Whereas Brisbane itself was very hot. Read more...
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a2k17 hackathon report: Bob Beck on LibreSSL progress and more

sze, 2017-01-25 16:53
Fresh from the newly completed a2k17 hackathon comes this report from Bob Beck:

So, I wasn't going to do this one, but I had enough fun sitting next to jsing@ in Toulouse in November working on LibreSSL, I did a bunch of stuff this time: Read more...

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Understanding the modernization of the OpenBSD network stack, part 2: A story of if_get(9)

p, 2017-01-13 17:50
Martin Pieuchot has written another article chronicling the modernization of the network stack. Martin writes,

I wrote a second article about the network MP thingy.

The article talks about a new API built on top of a generic solution for a MP problem.

The article, A story of if_get(9), is a followup to the part one article we featured earlier as Understanding the modernization of the OpenBSD network stack, part 1: ART single thread performances.

Read both for a deep dive in the ongoing and exciting work going on right now in the OpenBSD network stack.

Needless to say, editors@ really look forward to seeing more articles in this series.

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Errata SECURITY FIX: January 5, 2017

sze, 2017-01-11 12:41
Avoid possible side-channel leak of ECDSA private keys when signing.

A source code patch exists which remedies this problem:

for 6.0.

for 5.9

This is related to CVE-2016-7056 "ECDSA P-256 timing attack key recovery (OpenSSL, LibreSSL, BoringSSL)" Additional details can be read here:

Thanks to M:Tier for raising awareness on this patch.

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WiFi: 11n hostap mode added to athn(4) driver, testers wanted

h, 2017-01-09 15:33
OpenBSD as WiFi access points look set to be making a comeback in the near future.

With this diff, Stefan Sperling added 802.11n hostap mode, with full support initially for the Atheros chips supported by the athn(4) driver.

This diff adds 11n support to the athn(4) driver.
Requires -current net80211 code from today.

Tested in hostap mode and client mode with:

athn0 at pci1 dev 0 function 0 "Atheros AR9281" rev 0x01: apic 2 int 16 athn0: AR9280 rev 2 (2T2R), ROM rev 22, adddress xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Read more...

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Get your name in the relayd book

v, 2017-01-08 06:02

Michael W Lucas is offering the chance to get your name in his forthcoming book on relayd and httpd:

There’s a long tradition amongst science fiction writers of selling bit parts in books in exchange for charity donations. It’s called tuckerization.

I see no reason why science fiction writers should have all the fun.

I need a sample user for the forthcoming book on OpenBSD’s httpd and relayd. This user gets referred to in the user authentication sections as well as on having users manage web sites. They will also get randomly called out whenever it makes sense to me.

That sample user could be you.

All it would cost is a donation to the OpenBSD Foundation.

See Michael's blog for details, and donate your way to fame(?) if you can!

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Ted Unangst on (more) notable recent changes in OpenBSD

sze, 2017-01-04 01:02

Ted Unangst (tedu@) continues his flak series with part 5.

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Peter Hansteen on OpenBSD and you

k, 2016-12-27 17:42

Undeadly editor Peter Hansteen (pitrh) recently spoke to the Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group (BLUG) on the subject "OpenBSD and you", and has shared the slides from the talk.

These make a great resource for preaching to the as-yet-unconverted.

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