Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.19pre4-ac4

 ( trey | 2002. április 4., csütörtök - 7:47 )

Megjelent Alan Cox legújabb patchje. Egy teszt kiadás, mielőtt ezeket a javításokat beolvasztaná a pre5-be.

Letölthető innen.

Változások:[+ indicates stuff that went to Marcelo, o stuff that has not,
* indicates stuff that is merged in mainstream now, X stuff that proved bad and was dropped out]

Linux 2.4.19pre4-ac4

o Fix an additional vm86 case (Stas Sergeev)

| Check DOSemu again and this code wants some good review

o Do sanity checking to avoid mispoking PCI on (me)

the CMD640 [noted by Justin Gibbs]

o Fix promise IDE error recovery (Manfred Spraul)

o Ali IDE hang fixes (Sen Dong)

| Extracts from a bigger ALi update

o Ext3 balloc locking fix (Andrew Morton)

+ Fix escaped MWAVE configuration (Thomas Hood)

o Fix nls_utf8 problems (Liyang Hu)

o Fix mmx_memcpy over-prefetching on Athlon (me)

o Fix an error return the vm accounting code broke(Andrew Morton)

o Fix bpck6 build on the powerpc platform (Jens Schmalzing)

o Fix bpck6 64bit cleanness and other minor bits (me)

o Fix sound thinko (Per von Zweigbergk)

+ Backport the 2.5 wireless driver stuff (Jean Tourrilhes)

| So 2.5 driver fix back merging is sane