SUN Java2 1.4.0 Release Candidate


Letölthető a SUN oldaláról az új Java2-es motor


- 64-bit Support for Solaris/SPARCTM is now available in Release Candidate.

- New features in Java FoundationC lasses/Swing, JavaTM Web Start, JavaTM Plug-in, and internationalization enable rich clients for Web services.

- Enhanced connectivity via XML, CORBA,I Pv6, and JDBCTM 3.0 technology.

- New security features including JavaTM Secure Socket and JavaTM Cryptography extensions, JavaTM Authentication and Authorization Service, Kerberos support, and a Certificate Path API.

- High-performance Java 2DTM graphics, new scalable I/O, and Java virtual machine improvements.

- New Simple Assertion facility, Logging APIs, and better handling and reporting of low resource conditions and errors make J2SE software the most reliable, available, and serviceable platform for your mission-critical applications and Web services.

Letöltési oldal itt.