Gimp 2.0 pre4

 ( kozakzs | 2004. március 9., kedd - 16:29 )

Pár nappal ezelőtt szép csendben kijött a Gimp 2.0 pre4-es változata. Úgy tűnik még késik kicsit a stabil verzió.Számos hibajavítást eszközöltek a fejlesztők a pre3-hoz képest. A változások listája itt található:

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre4
- 128825: Improved misleading debug output and hide it in the stable branch
- 133467: Fixed autoshrink selection (Mitch)
- 131634: Fixed text-circle script-fu (David Odin)
- 133532: Quit the imagemap plug-in when it is finished (Sven)
- 133456: Disallow editing of data objects which have no save functionality
- 113142: Don't attempt to render the display out of bounds (Mitch)
- 133763: Fix use of EXEEXT in tiff checks (Yosh)
- 131044: Attempt to read layer names from TIFF files (Pablo d'Angelo)
- 133490: Fixed handling of missing pluginrc file (Sven)
- 121074: Suppress some harmless warnings in the stable branch (Sven)
- 132351: Fixed harmless iscissors tool warnings (Sven)
- 97999: Indicate progress when scaling a drawable (Sven)
- 133244: Fixed crash in Curve Bend plug-in (Wolfgang Hofer)
- 133818: Added a runtime check for fontconfig >= 2.2.0 (Mitch)
- 130636: Fixed undo handling in Add Bevel script (Simon)
- 133067: Connect the text tool font with the global font selector (Sven)
- 133958: Made color values in color picker selectable (Mariano SuĂĄrez-Alvarez)
- 125283: Have configure warn when gimp-print is older than 4.2.6 (Sven)
- 112012: Use default preview if none can be generated (Mitch)
- 124969: Improve text tool logic (Sven)
- 121033: Ensure that non-indexed images cannot have a colormap (Mitch)
- 132356: Curves tool trapped the mouse (Mitch)
- 123321: UTF-8 and zero-size layer bug (Adam Moss, Daniel Rogers, Piotr
- 134274: Behave correctly for edit and delete functions for data files (Mitch)
- 134285: Improve snap behaviour for grid and guides (Simon)
- 134274: Fix data file initialisation routine (Mitch)
- 134423: Fix GIF plug-in when used without display (Sven)
- 134419: Fix undo button behaviour in GFig plug-in (Sven)
- 134562: Ensure tile cache cannot write to freed memory (Mitch)
- 134512: Exclude undo stack from size of memory in an image when scaling
- 134694: Fix bug in Preferences (Mitch)
- 134410: Make drawing of straight lines better for fuzzy brushes (Simon)
- 125303: Remove per-channel gray point picker from levels dialog (Dave
- 134752: Improve clipboard buffer detection between different images in
the same GIMP instance (Mitch)
- 122049: Validate numerical input in pygimp plug-ins, and fix the Sphere
plug-in (Dave Neary, Florian Traverse)
- 130568: Mostly fix Van Gogh (LIC) plug-in (Simon)
- 70673: Let Curves and Levels widgets scale with the dialog (Sven)
- 135059: Remember the preview setting for all ImageMap tools (Sven)
- 135630: Don't make the resolution calibration dialog modal (Sven, Pedro)
- 133266: Saner max. value for the blend tool's supersampling (Sven, Pedro)
- 135866: Fix displacement handling in bumpmap plug-in (Pedro, Joao)
- 135994: Fix offsets when scaling or resizing vectors (Simon)
- 133453: Experiments with global shortcuts (Mitch, Simon)


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