Újabb *pre* Linux kernelek

 ( trey | 2001. december 11., kedd - 8:41 )

A stabil Linux kernel széria legújabb *pre* kiadása a 2.4.17-pre8. Letölthető innen.

A *beta* sorozat legújabb *pre* tagja a 2.5.1-pre9. Letölthető innen.Változások:


- ext3 quota fix (Neil Brown)

- Add __devexit_p() to ISDN driver (Kai Germaschewski)

- Declare missing function on fdomain.h (Eyal Lebedinsky)

- Add Sony Vaio PCG-Z600NE to broken APM

reporting blacklist (Kai Germaschewski)

- ns83820 driver update (Benjamin LaHaise)

- pas16 driver cleanup (Alan Cox)

- disable console flush on secondary CPUs on

IA64 (Andrew Morton)

- fix typo on parport's ChangeLog (Tim Waugh)

- fix use count for multiple queued requests on

closed fd (Douglas Gilbert)

- Check return value of get_user() on

set_vesa_blanking (Jeff Garzik)

- Remove asm/segment.h include from nbd (Jeff Garzik)

- Guard sysrq.h against multiple inclusion (Jeff Garzik)

- Minor PCI skeleton changes (Jeff Garzik)

- Add via rhine MMIO to Configure.help (Jeff Garzik)

- Jeff Garzik is not the via82cxxx driver

maintainer anymore: "No time, no hardware". (Jeff Garzik)

- Remove old tulip documentation (Jeff Garzik)

- Avoid direct IO's "misunderstanding" of which

block device it should use (Masanori Goto)

- Remove mcheck_init() call from processor

dependant code and put it in unified codepath (Dave Jones)

- Netfilter bugfixes (Harald Welte)


- Jeff Garzik: separate out handling of older tulip chips

- Jens Axboe: more bio stuff

- Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS 1.1.21 update