Dota 2 & Vulkan

 ( timi | 2016. február 21., vasárnap - 14:52 )

Mesa-n dolgozó Intel fejlesztő az alábbiak szerint már hozzáfér a Dota 2 Vulkanos verziójához.

We have had early access to a few apps. I've almost got dota2 working
(still fighting a rendering corruption), but the driver seems to be working
pretty well. I think we're doing pretty good on the stability front, but
driver isn't quite up to the same performance standards as the GL driver.
Not a problem with Vulkan, more that this is a new driver and we haven't
had time to do everything yet.

What's left to be done? Well, there are some hardware optimizations we
haven't turned on yet such as HiZ. There are also a few compiler things
that need to be done. The one big gaping hole is that NIR doesn't have
loop unrolling yet. Thomas Helland was working on that over the summer but
his time was divided between loop unrolling and range analysis and so it
never got finished.