"grep -R doesn't automatically search amazon"


"Some one has posted a link to this bug report on readit, just a few minutes ago. I think you will all be famous soon" : mindent megmagyaráz

ezek amúgy nem rosszak:

"This is NOT funny. I want ads in my terminal."

"Perhaps we could generate ascii versions of the Amazon Product Images and have them displayed in a 75x75 square format just below the prompt ;)"

"I think "ls" would really benefit from this fantastic strategy as well. I'm sure Mark Shuttleworth would agree that when I run "ls /root" I'm not just interested in seeing his files, I'm also truly interested in purchasing some Green Light Organic Rooting Hormone - 2 oz 06920A."

És a legkeményebb, hogy a gnome-terminálhoz jelentik a grep fícsőr rikvesztjét, és ez már senkinek fel sem tünik.