NVIDIA Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 455.28 [short-lived branch release]


Új eszközmeghajtó-programot adott ki az NVIDIA Linux és UNIX és UNIX-szerű rendszerekhez.

Újdonságok a 455.23.04-es verzió óta:

  • Added support for the following GPUs:
    • A100-PCIE-40GB
    • A100 Graphics Device
  • Fixed a bug that caused X to crash when the NVIDIA RandR provider was disabled while using an NVIDIA-driven display as a PRIME Display Offload sink.
  • Moved layout configuration of SLI Mosaic displays in nvidia-settings from its own dedicated page to a dialog available on the X Server Display Configuration page.
  • Fixed a bug where glGetGraphicsResetStatusARB would incorrectly return GL_PURGED_CONTEXT_RESET_NV immediately after application start-up if the system had previously been suspended.

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