KDE Plasma 5.18.2


Megjelent a KDE desktop környezetének, a Plasma-nak 5.18.2-es verziója. Bejelentés itt, változások:


  • Set all labels to plain text. Commit. See bug #417980. Phabricator Code review D27543
  • Add explicit includes to fix build with Qt 5.11. Commit.


  • Properly react to failed transactions. Commit.
  • Packagekit: Fix updatesCountChanged signal emission. Commit.
  • Flatpak: fix build on old flatpak versions. Commit.
  • Flatpak: after performing operations, check for unused refs. Commit.
  • Flatpak: make sure the progress isn't over 100. Commit.
  • Flatpak: provide the arch when checking the timestamp. Commit.
  • Flatpak: reduce leakage of GObjects. Commit.

Plasma Addons

  • [applets/weather] Remove outdated extra configure button. Commit. Fixes bug #412114. Phabricator Code review D27529
  • Fix condition in KonsoleProfiles::run. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27365


  • Unify ksysguard cpu clock speed names. Commit. Phabricator Code review D26857


  • Schedule a workspace repaint in AbstractClient::minimize(). Commit. Phabricator Code review D27516
  • [plastik] Disable problematic text hints. Commit. Fixes bug #417699. Fixes bug #413179. Phabricator Code review D27488


  • Fix: handle when backend fails to load/initialize. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27625
  • Fix(kwayland): wait longer for connection timeout and retry. Commit. Fixes bug #416566. Phabricator Code review D27618
  • Fix(kwayland): remove code with side-effects from Q_ASSERT. Commit. Fixes bug #413892. Phabricator Code review D27536

Plasma Desktop

  • Calculate needsSave on checkbox toggle not on change. Commit. Fixes bug #411584. Phabricator Code review D27590
  • Remove attempt to start long gone baloo_file_cleaner. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27579
  • [kcm/baloo] Clip ListView. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27559
  • [kcm/activities] Clip ListView. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27561
  • Emojier: use proper scoping for QPixmap. Commit.
  • KCM look and feel : set proper default values for kwin kdecoration when applying global style. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27483
  • Emojier: --warnings. Commit.
  • Emojier: improve the fallback mechanism to detect languages. Commit. Fixes bug #417713
  • Emojier: properly specify the application component name to KAboutData. Commit. Fixes bug #416669
  • Emojier: Only fit text when we know it's a very complex emoji. Commit. Fixes bug #417454
  • Emojier: make it possible to filter by annotation. Commit.
  • [Folder view]Make shadow scale aware. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27316
  • Set good default value for cursor theme and size in KRDB. Commit. Fixes bug #414109. Phabricator Code review D27470

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Fix build with missing includes. Commit.
  • [kded] Set password dialog boxes to plaintext. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27541
  • [kded] Escape notifications. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27542
  • [kcm] Escape connection name in close dialog. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27545
  • KCM: Fix connection list background and padding. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27382
  • Fix ampersand and other characters in tooltip. Commit. Fixes bug #398225
  • Make sure we change icon on NM connectivity change. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Use appropriate icon for unconfigured applets' "Configure..." buttons. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27530
  • [applets/systemtray] Clip ListView in config. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27570
  • [kcms/feedback] Increase default window height a bit more. Commit. Fixes bug #417747
  • Fix activity runner. Commit. Phabricator Code review D27367


  • Fix compilation with Qt 5.15, this hit the time bomb too. Commit.