13 éves a Java (vagy több is)

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In November of 1992, the Green Project is incorporated under the name FirstPerson. Sun formally announced Java and HotJava at SunWorld `95.

On May 23, 1995, John Gage, director of the Science Office for Sun Microsystems, and Marc Andreessen, cofounder and executive vice president at Netscape, stepped onto a stage and announced to the SunWorldTM audience that JavaTM technology was real, it was official, and it was going to be incorporated into Netscape NavigatorTM, the world's portal to the Internet. At that time, the entire Java technology team, not yet a division, numbered less than 30 people. It was the original members of this small group who created and nurtured a technology that would change the computing world.

"Back when we were FirstPerson, the Java technology-related stuff we were doing was built around networking, in very much an Internet style," says James Gosling

James Gosling -- Green Team original, FirstPerson employee, original member Java Products Group, lead engineer and key architect of Java technology

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