GIMP 2.0 pre2

 ( iron | 2004. január 19., hétfő - 22:34 )

Dave Neary ma bejelentette a gimp-announce@ listán a népszerű GIMP legújabb, 2.0 pre2 változatát.A forrás letölthető az oldalról, illetve a tüköroldalakról (

A legutóbbi változathoz képest 40 ismert hiba lett javítva, valamint számos kisebb változtatás történt a kódtisztítás alatt.

Köszönhetően a 2.0pre1 változat utáni relatíve kevés hibajelentésnek, úgy néz ki, hogy ez az utolsó pre release.

És az elmaradhatatlan changelog:

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre2
- 130828: Compile error with gcc 2.95 (Adrian Bunk)
- 35335: Curve tool doesn't conserve black (Simon)
- 130866: Remove multiple PNG entries in file type dropdown (Brix)
- 106991: Add mnemonics for all menu items (finished by Mitch)
- 130869: Add smaller image templates (Dave Neary)
- 130916: Handle multiline texts better (Mitch)
- 120424: Add dirty flag to default image title (Brix)
- 130912: Fix rounding errors in JPEG plug-in (keith(at )
- 131016: Add support for layer offsets in multipage tiff loading (Pablo
- 124073: Modify behaviour of zoom tool to avoid funny fractions (Dave
Neary, Simon)
- 131088: fix select-to-pattern script-fu (Mitch)
- 82478: Fix zoom handling in fractal explorer (Pedro Gimeno)
- 115793: Make thumbnail preview of indexed images match display (Pedro
- 130471: Handle RGBA images correctly in the CEL plug-in (Dov Grobgeld)
- 131109: Remove EMX specific code (Sven)
- 130118: Handle GIMP2_DIRECTORY with non-UTF-8 characters correctly
(Tor Lillqvist, Sven)
- 82465: Make preview match image when image is greyscale (Sven)
- 92586: Force SF_IMAGE value to reflect the selected image (Sven)
- 116765: Fix selection artifacts while moving selections (Pedro Gimeno,
- 131215: Only call bind_textdomain_codeset when available (Reinhard
- 125141: Resolve API issues with GimpPixelFetcher and
GimpRegionIterator (David Odin, Maurits Rijk)
- 109078: Fix histogram for graylevel images (Pedro Gimeno, Mitch)
- 131146: Fix drag & drop of patterns to layer masks (Dave Neary, Mitch)
- 128112: Use a better error message if help files are not present
- 78732: Don't paste outside the visible screen, if possible (Mitch)
- 131561: Make "Condensed" fonts available for use (Manish Singh)
- 71922: Fix SuperNova preview for Alpha channel (David Odin)
- 82464: Fix SuperNova preview for greyscale images (David Odin)
- 121966: Fix SuperNova plug-in (David Odin)
- 110610: Allow user to choose file formats even if the current image
type is not supported by them (Pedro Gimeno)
- 131980: Fix crash in crop tool (David Odin, Sven)
- 131030: Allow saving data without pre-multiplying by alpha channel in
tiff plug-in (Pablo d'Angelo, Dave Neary)
- 125864: Guides behave correctly when spacing is set to 1px (Brix)
- 131721: Fix handling of alpha channels across undo steps (Mitch)
- 128025: Fix behaviour when there is a floating selection (Mitch)
- 131076: Make fuzzy select tool respect alpha channel in indexed mode
- 131779: Improve indexed scaling dialog (Mitch)
- 127673: Overlapping widgets in gradient editor (Mitch)