NS2 saga margójára


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said further sanctions may be imposed on Russia if it uses a controversial gas pipeline against Ukraine.

[..]During a joint press conference on Sunday, Mr Zelensky described the project as a "geopolitical weapon of the Kremlin", which he said would be "dangerous for all of Europe".[..]

But Mrs Merkel, who is standing down as Germany's chancellor this autumn after 16 years in office, said Berlin agreed with Washington that Nord Stream 2 should not be used against Ukraine.

She said sanctions could be used against Moscow under an agreement between Germany and the US, if gas was "used as a weapon".[..]

forrás: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58301099


milyen kár, hogy az oroszokat eddig is hidegen hagyta az összes krím kapcsán bevezetett szankció..