Apple news+ - National Geographic Oct. 2019

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Plant extinctions are shaking Earth’s green foundation

Going to extremes to preserve rare tropical plant species


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Szerkesztve: 2019. 11. 21., cs - 12:26

Fears sell well....

Szerk: Ezt a hozzäszĺäst mot olvastam a The Guardianon. Szerintem mindent megmagyaráz a témakörben:

"It's going to be bad, you just wait and see, it'll be terrible, we don't know what impact it will have but we just know it'll be bad, anytime soon, you mark my words, it's bound to happen, it's just around the corner, oh - something terrible's coming, don't know quite what, I can feel it in my water, yes it's going to happen, sometime soon but don't know when, yada, yada, yada"