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 ( log69 | 2017. november 18., szombat - 19:48 )

Az alábbit küldtem be Mozillának:


Dear Mozilla Dev Team,

Please consider the following:

Ctrl+W and Ctrl+Q are very close on the keyboard and sometimes we make mistakes hitting Q when intending to close a window only. Though I can set FF to reshow windows and tabs from the last time, it's still a pain cause there are a lot of dynamic content on the web that the browser will not be able to scroll back to (social media searches, paused videos etc). There is a setting in about:config: browser.warnOnQuit that says whether to confirm exiting. However it does not work when windows and tabs are set from last time. The setting is superfluous in this case. It could have the meaning to ask confirmation in this case too without breaking any backward compatibility. There has been a legacy addon for it too so many people felt the need for this. Please you consider it too.

Second thing I'd like to ask you to consider please is the option to put the Tabs from top to the side. There have been several legacy addons addressing this need and I find many IT colleagues wanting the same. Since there is the button "Show sidebars" that can be used to show "Bookmarks", "History" and "Synced Tabs", it could easily be used as well to show normal Tabs while hiding them from the top. I think it would be an awesome and greatly useful feature especially in regards of the screen ratios nowadays. It would also blend in the concept of your latest UI design goals.

Thank you.
Andras Horvath

Hozzászólás megjelenítési lehetőségek

A választott hozzászólás megjelenítési mód a „Beállítás” gombbal rögzíthető.

Ez nekem bevált, amikor a tabokat oldalra akartam pakolni - de csak mert a Tab Groupst próbálom kiváltani vele:

Normál használathoz ez a bug elég zavaró benne, hogy nem tudja elrejteni a normál tab bart; ezt it trackelik :

[code]int getRandomNumber() { return 4; } // ← aláírás
//szabályos kockadobással választva. garantáltan véletlenszerű. xkcd[/