Változások a Fix Central használatában

 ( hajduarpad | 2011. november 9., szerda - 18:48 )

"Starting on November 13, 2011, Fix Central downloads are available only for to IBM clients or relations with hardware or software under warranty, maintenance contracts, or subscription and support.

Effective 13 November 2011 - To access Fix Central downloads for AIX and VIOS (additional products may be added in the future) an individual IBM ID will be required. Generally individual IDs will be authorized via "support" contracts that define their relationship with IBM support (e.g., a regular customer or an employee of IBM or a IBM business partner).

Besides downloads there are other services that have been exclusive to contacts using IBM IDs (which are provided at no charge and easy to get (my experience is less than 5 minutes for the initial ID). More time might be required to get the employer authorizations added to it

Obviously, this is a topic that will need a little more introduction. For now I suggest that you make sure you register and get your own ID and find out who in your organization manages the company ID that has the authority to grant additional access to your ID."

Forrás: http://www.rootvg.net/content/view/467/1/

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