Megjelent a 6.9-es Linux kernel!


A szokásos menetrendnek megfelelően, hét prepatch után megjelent a 6.9-es Linux kernel végleges verziója:

From Linus Torvalds <>
Date Sun, 12 May 2024 14:34:59 -0700
Subject Linux 6.9


So Thorsten is still reporting a few regression fixes that haven't
made it to me yet, but none of them look big or worrisome enough to
delay the release for another week.  We'll have to backport them when
they get resolved and hit upstream.

So 6.9 is now out, and last week has looked quite stable (and the
whole release has felt pretty normal).  Below is the shortlog for the
last week, with the changes mostly being dominated by some driver
updates (gpu and networking being the big ones, but "big" is still
pretty small, and there's various other driver noise in there too).

Outside of drivers, it's some filesystem fixes (bcachefs still stands
out, but ksmbd shows up too), some late selftest fixes, and some core
networking fixes.

And I now have a more powerful arm64 machine (thanks to Ampere), so
the last week I've been doing almost as many arm64 builds as I have
x86-64, and that should obviously continue during the upcoming merge
window too. The M2 laptop I have has been more of a "test builds
weekly" rather than "continuously".

Not that I really expect that to really show any issues - the laptop
builds never did - but I feel happier having a bit more coverage.

Anyway, please keep testing, and obviously this means that tomorrow
the merge window for 6.10 opens. I already have a few dozen pull
requests pending, I appreciate the early birds,




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