helloSystem r0.6.0


@probono, a helloSystem projekt létrehozója bejelentette, hogy elérhető a helloSystem 0.6.0-s kiadása. A helloSystem egy "A 'kevesebb több' FreeBSD Desktop" terjesztés. Reklámja szerint a helloSystem egy eleganciára, egyszerűségre és használhatóságra fókuszáló, FreeBSD-alapú desktop operációs rendszer.

Változások a 0.6.0-s kiadásban

  • Windows are now resizable at all edges
  • Windows snap to certain sizes when dragged to the edge of the screen, similar to "Aero Snap"
  • Resize icon in the bottom right
  • Properly centered window titles
  • Drop shadow rendering that does not appear before the rest of the window
  • Animations on window resize
  • Animation when minimizing and un-minimizing windows
  • Animated overview of all open windows by moving the mouse in the upper-left corner
  • Stacked initial window placement Cascade = staircase-by-title (while respecting centered Application splash screens)
  • Rounded corners at the top and sharp corners at the bottom
  • Rounded corners at the top disappear if windows are maximized or snapped to the top
  • Tuned kernel configuration for optimized sound, thanks @mekanix
  • open command now supports -e to open files in the FeatherPad text editor. This is useful, e.g., when editing scripts
  • Hover over a window title with the mouse that was collapsed with Windowshading to temporarily unshade it
  • "Open" command in File menu; Command-O and Command-ArrowDown to open files and folders in Filer
  • Command-Backspace to put files and folders into the Trash
  • Simplified user interface for Desktop Settings; changes are now applied immediately
  • Filer: Windows have been simplified, fewer unneeded pixels on the screen
  • Filer: "Thumbnail View" has been removed
  • Desktop: The wallpaper now can be set to "Transparent"
  • Filer: The --desktop option has been deprecated (to restart Filer, press Command+Ctrl+Esc, click on the desktop or a Filer window, and simply launch Filer again, e.g., from the Dock)
  • Filer: The file operation dialog (e.g., for copying) has been simplified
  • Filer: Duplicate menu item, Command-D
  • Filer: Command+Shift+Backspace for deleting immediately (without using Trash)
  • Filer: An Empty Trash menu item was added to the Edit menu and to the context menu of the Trash icon on the Desktop
  • Desktop: The wallpaper is now shown earlier (before constructing the icons on the Desktop)
  • Filer: Simplified "Get Info" dialog
  • Filer: Implements the org.freedesktop.FileManager1 D-Bus API which allows applications to highlight files in the file manager, thanks @mszoek
  • Filer: "Show Contents" for Application Bundles
  • Filer: Remove tabs to simplify user interface
  • Developer Preview: New Battery applet for the Menu to show the battery fill level, thanks @linuxkettle


  • Applications in .app bundles that have paths with whitespaces can now be pinned to the Dock
  • launch Filer --set-wallpaper /some.jpg no longer garbles icons
  • Certain Filer menu items are now disabled when no files or folders have been selected
  • Filer: Do not attempt to copy or move items in the filesystem if source and destination paths are identical
  • Filer: Fix "Ambiguous shortcut overload" errors, make shortcuts work properly
  • Filer: Make file operation progress dialog appear only after any question/error dialogs
  • Filer: "Move to Trash" is now correctly labeled in the menu
  • Filer: The Trash icon on the Desktop no longer has a "Move to Trash" context menu item
  • Developer Preview: Network can now connect to encrypted and open wireless networks, thanks @linuxkettle and @jsm222

To be verified

  • Non-networked HP printers should now work out of the box thanks to the hplip package


  • Switched from Openbox to the KWin window manager
  • Crudely worked around many Plasma desktop specific dependencies of the KWin window manager

Upstreaming efforts

helloDesktop is the desktop environment used in helloSystem. We would like to get it ported to FreeBSD.

  • Experimental helloDesktop ports and packages for FreeBSD are available for testing

Known issues

  • We are currently using latest rather than quarterly packages in the hope that Kf5 dependencies will be fewer there (to be revisited and likely reverted in the future)
  • Mouse cursor is too small when the mouse hovers over KWin window decorations on HiDPI screens
  • Live mode boot slow, needs 4GB+ RAM (Details)

Download Torrent:

Thanks FOSS Torrents for providing Torrents of Free and Open Source Software.


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