"macOS - Getting root with benign AppStore apps"

 ( trey | 2019. június 2., vasárnap - 8:45 )

I would like to show how I went down the rabbit hole in a quick ’research’ I wanted to do, and eventually found a local privilege escalation vulnerability in macOS. [...] So I reported and then Apple came back at one point for my privilege escalation ideas: “The App Review process helps prevent malicious applications from becoming available on the Mac and iOS App Stores.“ Obviously Apple didn’t understood the problem for first [...] As noted before, Apple fixed this exploit path in Mojave. This was in 2018 October, my POC didn’t work anymore, and without further testing I honestly thought that the privilege escalation issue is fixed - yes you could still drop files inside the app, but I thought that the symlink issue is solved. I couldn’t have been more wrong! But this turned out only later. [...] Privilege escalation returns on Mojave [...] I reported this around February to Apple, and tried to explain again in very detailed why I think the entire installation process is still broken, and could be abused. [...] Apple never admitted this as a security bug, they never assigned a CVE, they considered it as an enhancement. Finally this came with Mojave 10.14.5, and they even mentioned my name on their website. [...] The story goes on, as I bypassed Apple’s fix. An update will follow once they fixed the issue.

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