Tesztelhető a NetBSD 10.0 második RC-je


Főbb újdonságok a 9.3 óta:

  • Switched the kernel's file path lookup cache to use faster per-directory red-black trees.
  • Improved scheduler performance, including the ability to more appropriately spread load on a mixture of slow and fast cores (e.g. big.LITTLE Arm CPUs).
  • Various optimizations for the machine-independent virtual memory system:
    • Switched to a faster radix tree algorithm for memory page lookups.
    • Improved tracking of clean/dirty pages, speeding up fsync(2) on large files by orders of magnitude.
    • Improved parallelization: rewritten page allocator with awareness of CPU topology, replaced global counters with per-CPU counters, and reduced lock contention.
  • Improved the performance of the select(2) and poll(2) system calls.
  • Improved the performance of tmpfs. implemented lazy update of atime/mtime.
  • Various optimizations of architecture-dependent x86 and AArch64 code, vastly improved network and I/O throughput on aarch64.
  • Various boot speed improvements.

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