NomadBSD 1.4


Megjelent a NomadBSD 1.4-es kiadása. A NomadBSD egy FreeBSD alapú, 64 bites, perzisztens live rendszer USB-s flash meghajtók számára. Használható akár desktop rendszerként, vagy akár adatmentéshez, oktatáshoz, FreeBSD hardverkompatibilitás teszteléséhez stb.

Változások az 1.3.2-es kiadás óta:

  • The base system has been upgraded to FreeBSD 12.2-p4.
  • The installer has been improved.
    • Problems with booting the installed system via UEFI has been fixed.
    • The suitable graphics card driver will now be installed and setup, instead of using the auto-detection on the installed system.
  • Automatic graphics driver detection has been improved
    • The menu has been removed.
    • If no better graphics driver could be found, VESA or SCFB is used.
    • Autodetection will now run only if the system configuration changed since the last successful detection.
    • Autodetection can be disabled via the boot menu in case there is a problem.
  • Touchpad support has been improved
    • If Xorg reports a problem with the touchpad, kern.evdev.rcpt_mask is automatically adjusted to use sysmouse.
    • The tool DSBXinput has been added which allows for easy configuration of touchpads and mice.
  • An rc-script for saving an restoring the display brightness has been added.
  • A GUI for easy installation of the Linux Chrome, Brave and Vivaldi browser has been added. They allow to use streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, or Spotify.
  • Support for selecting other window managers or desktop environments by pressing <F1> in the graphical login manager (SLiM) has been added.
  • wifimgr has been replaced by NetworkMgr.
  • The subsystem for auto-starting applications used by NomadBSD does now conform to the XDG autostart specs
  • The partition which uses the remaining space is now mounted under /data.
  • /compat, /var/tmp, /var/db, and /usr/ports are now nullfs mount points for their counterparts under /data, so that users don't have to create symlinks for those directories anymore.
  • Bad news for i386 users: Since drm-legacy-kmod is now obsolete, there is no i386 support for accelerated graphics for Intel and ATI/AMD cards aymore.

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