OxygenOS Open Beta 19 for OnePlus 3 | OxygenOS Open Beta 10 for the OnePlus 3T

 ( trey | 2017. július 3., hétfő - 17:19 )

A OnePlus Inc. részéről Adam Krisko bejelentette, hogy elérhető tesztelésre az OxygenOS 19-es nyílt bétája OnePlus 3-ra és a 10-es nyílt bétája OnePlus 3T készülékek számára. Bennük:

All new OnePlus Launcher v2.1:

  • Supports dynamic icons for Weather and Calendar
    Added ‘Home screen layout’ under launcher settings for grid and icon customizations
  • Grid layout will be kept irrespective of display size changes
  • Added search history records in app drawer, displaying the 5 most recent apps on the first row
  • Newly installed apps will now be tagged with a blue dot for easier recognition
  • You can access icon pack resources on the Play store directly under launcher settings
  • User interface improvements during widget selection
  • Launcher version information is now visible under launcher settings

Other additions:

  • Added an option to display battery status of connected Bluetooth devices
    Added OnePlus widget (Not usable on Shelf)
  • Email address recognition within the text message contents
  • Size of clock widget is now adjustable
  • Updated UI style for Clock


  • Smart Callback works better
  • Incoming call animations redesigned
  • OnePlus font optimizations for select languages
  • Compatibility optimizations for various Bluetooth devices

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