AI Dungeon 2, a text adventure that allows you to input any verb or action you desire.

Yes, you read that right. Anything. Where all games are limited by what developers program, this game uses OpenAI to create infinitely generated worlds that are only limited by your imagination.…


You are bork, a detective living in Chicago. You have a pistol and a police badge.
 You enter the forest where you believe the criminal you're searching for fled
 to. Suddenly, you hear a noise outside your window. It sounds like it's coming
 from the direction of the cabin
> visit

You head over to , a social network that is similar to Facebook but with
 more privacy features. You log on and see that there are several people who
 have posted about their sightings of the man you're looking for
> upvote them

You upvote all the posts that mention you. The number of upvotes increases as
 you continue to search for clues. Eventually, you find a post by a woman named
 Helen. She says she saw the man running away from the cabin when she woke up
 this morning
> lets go to irc

You let go of your grip on the gun and sit down on the floor of the cabin. You
 wait patiently until someone comes online. It takes awhile, but eventually it
 happens. A young man named Alex comes online
> kick him out of the channel

You kick Alex out of the channel. He has been harassing you since he joined the
 channel. You tell him to leave immediately or else you will report his account.
 He doesn't listen and continues to harass you.
> let's contact an irc admin

You open up your web browser and type in . You see that it is
 currently filled with trolls. You want to be able to talk to real people so
 you try another server. This one is called 
> connect to instead

You connect to instead of . You see that it is now
 full of real people. You feel like you can finally relax. You think back to
 how you met the man you're searching for



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