Linus Torvalds: Linux 6.10-rc2


Tesztelhető a 6.10-es Linux kernel második prepatche:

From Linus Torvalds <>
Date Sun, 2 Jun 2024 15:50:42 -0700
Subject Linux 6.10-rc2


One third driver fixes, one third filesystems, and one third "random leftovers".

The driver side is sound, networking, nvme, gpu and "misc". The
filesystem fixes are mostly bcachefs, but there's some other noise in
there too. And the random stuff is the usual mix of arch updates, core
networking, seltftests, io_uring, header file fixes etc etc.

Nothing feels particularly odd, but rc2 is usually fairly small and
people are only starting to find regressions.

So please go test some more,